Studying Engineering - Testimonial from Alumni Shaye Byrne

CQU Alumni Shaye Byrne talks about her experiences studying engineering at our Rockhampton campus.

Studying Engineering - Testimonial from Alumni Shaye Byrne


My name is Shaye and I studied the Bachelor of Engineering Electrical Honors and Diploma of Professional Practice.

So ever since I was young, I enjoyed problem solving, learning about how things work, just getting to the bottom of things, so I've always had that analytical sort of side and my dad suggested it to me when I was in grade 10 and once I learned what engineering really was I found it so appealing and I didn't look back.

During the course I did find I got so much experience with the practical side of engineering. Here in Rockhampton we have the laboratories which were top tier we could, you know, play with motors and different like electronic devices, so definitely helps a lot with the placement side of the degree.

So I got paid for a whole year before I graduated, so aside from getting paid for that whole time, which helped a lot. I'm just building those networks with the industry that I was about to start working and it gave me a huge head start.

I found my lectures and teaching staff absolutely amazing. They were so experienced in the fields, that  they delivered and because of the small class sizes, they could always go above and beyond to make sure everybody understood all those concepts and they were quick with answering questions and always just so happy to help.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most was getting to work so much with my peers. So over the four and a half years I built really good bonds with them and it just helped having people like minded people studying the same thing and be able to work through those things together.

To anybody considering studying at CQUniversity I would say if there's a course that you are considering that is offered at CQU, hands down, consider it enrol start. It is a brilliant university and it will set you up for a great career.