Studying Educational Neuroscience - Testimonial from Belinda Connolly

CQU Student Belinda Connolly talks about her experiences studying the Master of Educational Neuroscience.

Studying Educational Neuroscience - Testimonial from Belinda Connolly


My name is Belinda Connolly and I'm studying a Master of Educational Neuroscience at CQUniversity.

The Master of Educational neuroscience was interesting to me because it was something different.

All the things that I've always thought about education and many of the things that I have innately done within the classroom or within my educational practice made sense from an educational neuroscience perspective.

So I felt like finally, I could see the research and see the evidence of what worked and why it worked in the classroom and could apply that to my own practice.

I feel that it's brought me more confidence as a teacher and as a school leader by being able to support some of my decision making with the research that's presented.

The knowledge and understanding that you get from the course serves as a really good base point for your own pedagogical practice or in my case, as a school leader for decision making around teacher teaching, a learning culture or teaching, learning curriculum frameworks.

So it both is reflective to make you justify your decision making, but it also provides the information to support and influence your decision making based on educational research.

For me, because I work full time, the best thing about this course is the flexible delivery options.

I think CQUniversity does online learning very well. They were always at the forefront of online learning.

I also like its multi modal approach and a lot of interactive resources so a lot of academia is often a lot of reading and at the end of a long day I don't know any teacher who wants to engage in long journal reading articles.

I really quite like the assessment tasks aren't all driven by academic writing. I like that there's multimodal presentations online delivery, so that what you're learning in the course is reflected in the assessment.

I feel like the knowledge that I'll get from the Masters level study, will actually put me at the forefront of educational change, so I'm hoping with this study and with this knowledge I can implement some of that within curriculum design and pedagogical approaches to learning.

There's been a lot of things that I've learned that I feel like I have learned from my professional experience and now I have the research to support it and to back it.