Studying Educational Leadership - Testimonial from Student Ben Waddell

CQU student Ben Waddell talks about his experiences studying the Master of Educational Leadership.

Studying Educational Leadership - Testimonial from Student Ben Waddell


If someone was considering studying for CQUniversity, I'd say go for it.

One of the major reasons I chose to study the Masters of Educational Leadership was because of its flexibility and the fact that it's completely online.

I'm, a full time teacher now, so I can't just drop work and go and study as as much as I'd like to so the option to to do a course completely online with a flexible time frame was a great boon.

All the course materials are available on the CQUniversity's Be Different platform so I can just log into the website and access them there. They're all waiting there for me, organized into modules. I can work my way through, and the assessment items are all there as well, so it's quite easy to access.

And so normally in your the normal deadlines associated with study or built around a term structure, so you have a set number of weeks, whether it's 12 weeks to complete an assessment item and a unit of work on the be different platform.

It's not like that. It's completely flexible as long as you're making progress over a period of time. Then you are working towards a goal there of completing the unit.

Our lecturers are friendly and they offer a lot of support when you contact them. Easy to get a hold of via email. And quite willing to offer support in terms of feedback, especially on assignments.

When I think about how the contents related to what I'm doing day-to-day it as a teacher, it allows me some perspective on how leadership operates within the school that I'm currently at, and the different requirements of those roles, as opposed to being a classroom teacher.

So it's been revelatory in a sense, and it causes you to think beyond the scope off your current position and what those people who are in leadership positions above you are trying to achieve.

I think there is a real value to doing a degree of educational leadership. Leadership, you could argue scales across all businesses, but to have it focused in on the particular sector that you're working in, there are different needs and responsibilities per sector, and so the educational one is quite unique in its scope.