Studying Business - Testimonial from Student Emily Haig

CQU student Emily Haig talks about her experiences studying a Bachelor of Business at CQU.

Studying Business - Testimonial from Student Emily Haig


My name is Emily and I'm studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in management and marketing at CQUniversity.

I chose business because my teacher in high school in Grade 8 business class asked us to name one thing that didn't involve business and I couldn't think of anything, so I was pretty blown away by all the opportunities that the business industry had so I chose the Bachelor of Business to give me an overview, and then I could figure out what area I wanted to focus on further.

I'm majoring in management and marketing and I chose those two majors because I'm interested in entertainment and music management and artist management.

Coming in I found it really interesting that in first year you do all the fundamental subjects, so it gave me a good overview to make sure that the majors that I selected was what I wanted to do, or and I had opportunity to change if I wanted.

There's been some great teaching staff. Watching some of the lectures back and the zooms back they're funny, they're engaging with the class are doing, I've had a class where they did little mini giveaways like can somebody answer this question and they post you out something 'cause you answered the question and they're really supportive.

I've got a couple of lecturers that I love when I see that I have him again because they're just great fun and they make learning interesting. I can engage with them, you know, they're visual.

I'm studying my bachelors through mixed on campus and online.

So I do prefer to try and book face to face on campus classes if I can, but if not, I'm just doing online, mainly at the moment and try and get into a routine with work and uni.

I chose to study at CQUniversity because I loved that there was a campus in my hometown.

We've got a great campus, and I've met some really great teaching staff and friends along the way.