Studying Accounting - Testimonial from Student Monique Geiszler

CQU Student Monique Geiszler talks about her experiences studying accounting at our Rockhampton campus.

Studying Accounting - Testimonial from Student Monique Geiszler


My name is Monique and I'm studying a Bachelor of Accounting.

So in high school, I really enjoyed accounting as a subject and got really good grades in the class, so it made sense to just do the subject I liked at university and go from there.

I picked the major in financial planning 'cause it looked the most interesting.

The financial planning units have taught me a lot just in my personal life as well, 'cause they cover, you know, retirement, superannuation, insurance, so all of those sort of things I know now for myself as well as to help others in my career.

Teachers have been really helpful if, like you know, if I have had extra commitments with work and haven't quite finished something, they usually understanding that I am working full time and they sometimes are a little bit lenient and give me you know extra couple of days to get something and if I do need it, so that's been really great as well.

There's always a lot of teachers and staff willing to give you a hand if you need it if something is too much, they're happy to break it down.

I've had teachers that have been willing to sit into a one-on-one zoom session with me so that I can ask them questions and understand it better.

In my first year they actually had the ALC come to us for a couple of classes and just go over how to reference and a few things like that.

I've also used the peer assisted study sessions that CQUniversity offers. And so they were really nice to hear from another student perspective and get that learning as well.