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Study Theatre


I'm doing musical theater so there are four dance disciplines where you do ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary. There’s also acting classes where you have one that’s focused on accents and normal classwork and then you have singing where there’s also a technical component and there are also a theatre theory class where you learn about various styles of theatre and the various eras that theatre was in.

Being able to do the productions, that’s why I do theatre but also expanding my knowledge and actually noticing positive progress throughout my time here.

In the three years that I’ve been here so far have been wonderful. All the students are lovely, the staff are lovely, so it’s been a great and supportive environment.

We get professional feedback on what we put up on stage in a workshop or even just for production which is wonderful. Because I’ve done so many things I have been on stage and I learn the little intricate parts that people don’t generally think about in the whole big theatre industry so I’m actually about to be stage manager for a show that’s coming up in Edwin Drood so that’ll be a different learning curve for me and I’m really excited to learn about that but I’ve also learned about publicity and front of house type of things and also all AV and those kind of things, which is really interesting.

It’s a very big teamwork type of course if, even if you’re, especially in production if you’re an ensemble member, you’re a part of a very big picture, if you’re one of the people that creates the props, that props is necessary on stage so  that prop is necessary on stage so you’re part of a very big picture. No one is more special than anyone else, you’re all equally special and amazing.

We don’t just do musicals here we’ve also done many plays. We do a lot of technical work. We learn about fly and rigging and a lot of to do in the shed where we build sets and create props and make costumes for all the productions that we put on the stage. Be prepared it’s a very fast paced industry, but if you want to do it go for it.