Study the MBA (Global)

Hear from Associate Professor and MBA Director, Michael Segon who speaks about the benefits of studying the MBA (Global) and the opportunities available.

Study the MBA (Global)


The MBA (Global) is a new MBA that we've introduced that actually addressed the needs of emerging or aspiring managers.

We're seeing a lot of younger graduates who've decided that they want to essentially get an advantage by doing something like an MBA so that they've got that edge over other graduates when they're going for things like graduate recruitment jobs with major consulting firms, and this MBA (Global) is targeted specifically at giving them those opportunities.

The MBA (Global) is a two-year MBA program on a full-time basis.

We have an experience that is very, very different to other MBAs in that there is an internship option, which is available in their final term.

By having an internship, we are able to place our students in a real company doing real jobs for an entire semester.

Another important thing is the student doesn't have to find the company; we find the organisation for them.

Another really interesting thing that we're doing is working with overseas universities who have got similar internships so that we're bringing our students together with groups of students in India and in the UK where they can work on projects jointly and they can do a comparison between their experiences in Australia.

The MBA (Global) is actually based using the DNA of our MBA, which is geared towards part-time managers or practicing managers. That particular MBA has been ranked by the Australian Financial Review as the eighth best MBA in Australia, as well as that it achieved four out of a possible five stars by the Graduate Management Association of Australia.

The other thing it has is certification by the United Nations so that MBA we used as the DNA for this MBA (Global). Key concepts and key courses from that MBA informed the design of this MBA (Global), so our students who are doing the Global are really getting access to some really cutting-edge materials.

What's also really important is that our staff are actually experienced managers and leaders. They've worked in organisations, whether it's public organisations or profit-driven organisations or volunteer organisations. So what you will find with our staff is that they bring real-world experiences into the classroom and that really is a significant difference.

The other great thing about CQUni’s MBA – the suite of MBA programs – that we offer is that it's in my view the best value proposition in Australia.

We're doing MBAs as students because we want to advance our careers so we should be selecting MBAs that actually are in contact with business community that listen to what employers are telling us in terms of what they need going into the future but with a strong functioning foundation and that's why I think our programs, our courses here at CQUni are so much better.