Study the Master of Project Management

If you’re interested in developing advanced discipline knowledge and skills to lead and manage projects within diverse work settings, then a postgraduate project management course is a career you should really think about.Hear from Head of Course, Ziyad Abunada, who shares what is unique about our PMI accredited Master of Project Management degree, our industry connections, teaching staff experience, various pathways including the practicum, research and internship streams; our minors, the future of this in-demand industry, and more.Graduate, Stephanie Lim from the Philippines, shares her experience of studying the research stream and how she gained industry connections, which opened doors for work in the project management field.

Study the Master of Project Management


The new era of sustainability, net zero and readiness to net zero is all about projects. We have to achieve this change by conducting projects, which means that we need project managers.

Master of Project Management at CQUniversity, I believe is one of the greatest masters. Our programs are very well received by many industries.

We are getting their feedback on what the market is requiring right now, what the industry future looks like and how we can support the industry by filling the gaps in terms of competencies and skills.

The students are coming from different backgrounds: engineering, agriculture, psychology… and when the students are working together you can see how sharing knowledge in a real example inside the classroom is growing others’ expertise.

One of the good indicators about our courses is the unconditional accreditation from the Project Management Institute. We are among eight universities across Australia who were successful to get this accreditation, and this is evident about the quality of our courses.

In the Master of Project Management, we have 3 streams. We have the practicum, we have the research stream, and we have the internship. And, this was designed in order to meet their different background for all of our students.

Internship is, providing a very real-life experience to the students, and this provides them to be hosted by real companies so they will liaise with the company for 10 weeks, work for the company and then most of the time they will end up with achieving a very good evaluation and get the job.

I was inspired to study a Master of Project Management because I really wanted to hone my project management skills. I chose their research stream because I found that I really enjoyed doing research and the skills you can also get such as being organised, disciplined, thorough. So, all of those are things I found really enjoyable.

So, the Master of Project Management provides different minors to the students. Students are able to take a set of units that promote them to get a minor and we are working in developing more minors to suit the students’ background.

We've got staff who are teaching in project management and they are coming from different backgrounds. It's another added value to the students.

In studying Master of Project Management at CQUniversity, I gained several connections through my lecturers and tutors, so this also opened doors for me in terms of looking for work in the project management field.

So, I hope to become a project manager within sectors that can create a lasting impact in our society. And through my studies in CQU, this has opened the doors for me to be able to do just that.

Project managers are very well equipped with the knowledge to mitigate risk to manage risk and to predict the future. After COVID, the world is bouncing back, so we need project managers everywhere and I believe that the statistics is really true that the demand on project managers will grow in the next five years exponentially. So, go for it.