Study the Master of Information Technology

If you’re interested in gaining a more advanced degree and skills in information and communication technology, then a postgraduate IT course is a career you should really think about. Hear from lecturer, Fariza Sabrina, who shares what is unique about our accredited Master of Information Technology, our majors and minors, industry partnership, internship program, the future of technologies, and more.

Study the Master of Information Technology


The Master of Information Technology provides professionals knowledge and skills in information and communication technology.

Our MIT offers three majors, and all three majors are aligned with industry demands.

We have our face-to-face classes in easy to access campuses and students have the flexibility to move between states and attend the classes in different campuses.

We regularly invite guest lectures from industry, and they give talks about one of the relevant topics, and that benefits students a lot.

All our units are accredited by Australian Computer Society and accreditation by ACS meets the course standard for different multiple countries such as the UK, US, Canada, and other countries as well.

Our MIT course offers students the opportunity to do an internship in an industry. The internship is very useful for students because they can enhance their job readiness and also, they get to practise their skills and knowledge that they have learned in the course in a real environment. And also, the internship allows them to make professional networks and they get to know potential employers.

My internship experience was actually quite outstanding. At the internship, all the staff never treat you as an intern. You do feel like a full-time employee there. Everyone's warm, everyone’s welcoming. And also, the fact if you perform well there, there are a prospect where you might be offered a job there as well.

Our teaching staff are a great mix of academics with an international reputation in major fields of IT. So, our students get to learn from the experts in the field.

Our academic staff are well connected with the professional bodies such as ACS, IEEE, ACM and they regularly publish their papers and articles in high quality journals and present their work in conferences and seminars as well.

The advice that I have for future students is, along with the online option, I would strongly recommend do an on-campus course as well, which will really help you to interact with the staff and students as well.

Don't feel afraid to ask for help at the university. The staff are very friendly, and you can reach out to them at any time.

Our majors and minors are very much industry driven, which prepares our students well for different kinds of jobs.

Technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality will keep impacting the business world and also day-to-day life.

IT industry is booming and there is a huge job growth in the IT field. Our Master of Information Technology prepares students for landing a job in the IT field.