Study the Bachelor of Information Technology

If you’re curious minded and passionate about technology, then an undergraduate IT course is a career you should really think about. Hear from lecturer, Rahat Hossain, who shares what is unique about our accredited Bachelor of Information Technology, our majors and electives, industry partnerships and course consultations, internship work placement program, and more. Team and Project Leader, Luke Parsons shares his experience in having CQUni students intern within the Data Management and Development team, and the advantages of getting involved. Student, Aronel Buncayo, shares his placement experience and provides advice to future CQUni students.

Study the Bachelor of Information Technology


The Bachelor of IT suits students who are really curious minded and passionate about technology.

This degree provides students with the opportunity to become a skilled, innovative and work-ready professional in the field of IT.

We have three majors, andwe make sure these majors are designed with consultation with the industry, so that when they get the experience they're actually work-ready for the real world.

We also evaluate our course curriculum almost every year and in consultation with industries because IT is developing and changing frequently.

All our units and subjects in the Bachelor of IT are accredited by ACS.

We make sure that our courses are designed according to the guidance and the instructions of SFIA. So that can be matched whenever they're applying for jobs and that matches their skill level.

The one thing that makes our bachelor very different is that we provide active and engaged industry placements to the students or do a capstone project.

We have partnerships and engagement with different kinds of industries like networking, database development software, software development industries…

We find every year they’re offered some jobs after the internship placement.

So, once they are doing either a capstone project or internship, they are applying the skills and knowledge they have learned, and completing the course successfully and in future careers, as well.

I gained the opportunity to do my placement with CQUniversity. This opportunity has given me the advantage of learning different skillsets from industry professionals.

As part of my placement, some of my activities consists of programming and analysing, testing, as part of the data management team.

My confidence improved by communicating with everyone and doing my programming languages, as I learn new programming skills every day.

We started a partnership with people who are in the Bachelor of Information Technology and as a part of that students would do a project within their degree.

But what we've found over the years is that these staff come and work with us and they really tend to be very good and motivated, and they essentially become part of the team.

For a student, there is a huge advantage to getting involved in these programs. When they come into the University, they're working on real-world projects and they're working in teams where other people have to perform.

As you go into your degree, it's not just about studying the content and the materials, but it's also about forming those connections and building up your soft skills as well.

My advice for students that want to study Bachelor of Information Technology is network with like-minded people and to take advantage of the work experience and placement offers outside or inside CQUniversity.

I'd like to advise the future IT students that is, be curious and be passionate about technology and if possible, have some basic mathematical backgrounds and that will be awesome if you have some basic programming language that can be C, C++ or C# or Python, anything so that will help you a lot.