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Hi, my name is Shaneel Chandra and I’m the Head of Science at CQUni, I’m chemist by training and that’s a subject I teach here at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We’ve got two disciplines within science, biology and chemistry. And within each one of them you’ve got several sub disciplines. So in biology you’ve got plant physiology, animal physiology, you have botany and then you have environmental biology. In chemistry you have aquatic chemistry, environmental chemistry, you’ve got food analysis, you’ve got disease detection, black markers, sensor design.

So these are taught by people who actually have been recognised as experts in the field and solve like I’ve noticed the term real world problems. There’s a lot of field work involved in science whether it’s biology or chemistry and often we find students in chemistry doing work that sort of covers biology and vice versa of course.

We’ve got students who do what we call natural product chemistry and that is a multidisciplinary project. They go and collect plant extracts, they then collect leaves, they collect bark and flowers. They bring it to the lab, they analyse it, they extract all the useful chemicals out of it and that is biology pretty much because then the next thing they do is test for bioactivity and anything that is biactive can be used against harmful pathogens, like bacteria and that’s really how you get your medication developed. You go through nature, you get inspiration from nature, bring the plants in, you collect the, you extract all the useful compounds, then you test it against pathogens and that’s really job discovery.

There’s more to plants than food and flowers, there’s a lot of other value we can get, we’re only beginning to scratch the surface now. So this is an emerging area, we expect to see a lot more happening in it.

This course would suit someone who perhaps is working or is not able to study full time because our offerings are both face to face and online and therefore suitable to work around everybody’s schedule. This course is also particularly attractive to students who like to see where their education takes them  in terms of the real world application. So it’s not just textbook stuff that we think of for you, you will see the application of what you’re studying to real world and society and it will begin immediately as you start through residential schools and lab sessions we offer and that gives you the unique ability to apply straight away what you learn. Once, if you apply what you learn at the same time you will never forget it and that’s one of the unique points about CQU as well, there’s a lot of real world applications as you go along not after you finish your degree but as you go along.