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Study Public Health


Hi my name is Dr Lisa Bricknell, I’m the head of course for public health at CQUniversity. Public health is a really fascinating discipline and it would particularly suit people from a variety of different interests. So if you're interested in studying something to do with health but aren't interested in doing the blood and guts or the shift work or being exposed to sick people, public health is a really good discipline to choose.

So we have three different majors that you can choose. You can study environmental health which is really suitable for those people who have an inquiring mind, who are interested in doing a bit of detective work, who like to link up science with people's health. You learn a lot about the law, you learn about environmental science and a whole range of different things and how they all link together. You can choose health promotion which, despite what most people think is not about marketing, it's actually about improving health. So it's looking at influencing the systems at so within our community, within our political areas, within our health services, changing those systems so that they support healthy choices and healthy lifestyles. Our third major is relatively new and that's the area of public health nutrition. And this is proving to be quite quite popular, people who are interested in people making healthy food choices.

Career-wise you have so much opportunity. Not long ago, environmental health was considered the hardest position to fill in the country, so all of our graduates get work really quickly. So environmental health majors will usually work within some area of government so they will work in local government or in state government and a few work in federal or eventually you may have the opportunity to work overseas with the world health organization. Health promotion people can work again in state government, they can also work in not-for-profit organizations like the cancer council, the heart foundation. For the public health nutritionists again there's, you can work in private industry advising companies on nutrition.

We make sure that our material and what we teach is industry relevant. So you'll be doing industry relevant activities at, as part of what you learn everything will be authentic. So that you'll really get the opportunity to practice and learn those skills before you go out into the workplace.

In our final year you do, what we call public health and practice, and that's a two-term unit that includes 240 hours or more of industry experience, where you go and work in industry doing the job that you're interested in doing and really getting hands-on professional experience being mentored by an experienced public health professional.

If you're interested in making a difference at a community or a population level rather than just influencing one person who has a problem, then public health is a career that you should really think about.