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Study Oral Health


Bachelor of Oral Health is a three year degree, it’s a full time degree. In first year students start off mainly with some foundation type science work, we do a lot of anatomy and oral anatomy which is really, really interesting. Then we start to add on to that, we start to add our clinical skills.

Clinical skills will start off in the simulation lab from there we then move into what we call our stage one clinic. We actually start practicing our exam techniques. Students will practice on each other which is a great learning experience because students will provide strict feedback to other students. It’s so important that you’re confident in your clinical skills because you want to provide the best service that you can to your patient. But you also want to be safe and you want to keep the patient as comfortable as possible, So by practicing your skills in a simulated environment and then practicing them in different environments within the university and outside the university, the students get a really good overall or more of a rounded training in those different types of patients that they will see.

This is the only course in Queensland that trains oral health therapists and this course also has an extended adult scope and it’s actually one of the most extended adult scope courses around.

We have an agreement with AUT University in New Zealand where we can have an exchange program, the students can study there for a term. We also have the opportunity for students to go to Cambodia and provide volunteer services to the children in some of those small rural areas in Cambodia. That’s been very, very beneficial and the students have really gained a lot of very important experience, you know going to those places.

The Bachelor of Oral Health would suit someone who is, has just left school, it would also suit someone who is already working in the dental industry, maybe a dental assistant, someone who’s looking to provide oral health services to the general public.

Oral health actually, it’s a great job, there’s so many different areas that you can become involved in depending on what you know, the things that you prefer.

The personal attributes for someone to do a Bachelor of Oral Health, you have to be outgoing, you have to be able to talk to people, you’ll be involved with all sorts of members of the community from very, very small children to patients in nursing home and you have to be able to interact with all those different types of people.