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Study Occupational Therapy


Our Bachelor of Occupational Therapy is an embedded Honours program and so our graduates enjoy a range of activities throughout their four years of training and are able to graduate into working in lots of different fields within Occupational Therapy. So whether that be adult physical rehab or working in paediatrics, in mental health, occupational rehab and our particular program here at CQU has seen 100% employment for our graduates over the last several years, on really good wages as well.

The students start off straight away doing occupational therapy discipline specific training. In addition to some other foundation subjects like anatomy and physiology and fundamentals of psychology and so right from the beginning they’re meeting one another both in class here and across the ISL, which is our Rockhampton to Bundaberg teaching technology and they are understanding what it means to be an occupational therapist and what occupation therapy is and the history of the profession.

The second year then goes on to more occupational therapy specific units with some evidence-based practice and research methods subjects, some health promotion and then third year they really focus on doing mental health training, occupational rehab and neurological rehabilitation, before going out on their thousand hours of clinical practice. So that’s what we call our professional placement and so the students are away on that for a year doing supervised clinical practice all the while doing some research preparation and then they return to us for their capstone term in the final term or fourth year where we get ready for professional practice and they do some more specialisation subjects, some research presentations and community project.

Really just to highlight that our program trains you to not only work in regional communities which many of our graduates are doing but also we’re creating world-class OTs so our occupational therapist can and do work in other countries as well depending on, on their admission requirements. And one of the other things that our program does offer that I think gives us a little bit of an edge is we really highlight that social innovation component for our therapists as well. It’s you know people who want to make a difference in other humanbeings lives and to get the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives and that can be across the lifespan from working with babies and mums in the neonatal intensive care units to the end of life care.