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Study Medical Laboratory Science at CQUniversity


Our four-year honours degree offers a broad education in med lab science and the advantage at CQU is that we offer it as part-time or full-time, on campus or via distance learning. So we can tailor a program to suit individual students needs at the time.

Med lab science suits people that have an enquiring mind, who like to solve puzzles, who are happy to work as part of a larger team, and those that like to promote health and wellbeing to the community.

Medical laboratory science graduates can work in either public or private pathology and that can be either in a hospital-based laboratory or a clinic-based lab. There are lots of opportunities for scientists in Australia. I, prior to coming to CQU, I was a regional laboratory manager and one of the most challenging things was for us to attract staff to come to regional areas so there's certainly demand in regional and remote Australia.

At CQU we have a department that is dedicated to assisting students with placements. So a student nominates an area in which they would like to undertake their placement and this team then facilitates the liaison between the students and the placement providers. All of our placements are undertaken in accredited laboratories to ensure that the practice is up to the acceptable standard. We allow flexibility across the year and when students can undertake the placement at a time and the place that suits them best. And we allow students to choose the disciplines that they would like to pursue further, particularly in the third- and fourth-year placements, so they can expand on the information that they've gained in their first placement.

Our course is the only, fully accredited honours program offered by distance anywhere in Australasia. So we have that flexibility where students can get a honours degree and they can choose to study online.

I think the most exciting aspect of our course is it's a new course. It was developed with full consultation from people within the industry. It has a lot of involvement from industry partners in the development and the delivery of the course, so it makes it an up-to-date, relevant course to what's happening in healthcare in Australia today.