Study Master of Public Health

If you have an inquiring mind and are interested in making a difference at a community or a population level, then public health is a career that you should really think about. Hear from Senior Lecturer, Lisa Bricknell, who delves into why public health is a fascinating discipline, our course recognition, industry partnerships, graduate outcomes and more. Student, Fahmida Syed Karishma from Bangladesh, also explains what attracted her to the Master of Public Health and her pursuit for a satisfying and meaningful career.

Study Master of Public Health


Public health is a really fascinating discipline and it would particularly suit people from a variety of different interests.

So if you're interested in studying something to do with health but aren't interested in doing the blood and guts or the shift work or being exposed to sick people, public health is a really good discipline to choose.

What attracted me to the Master of Public Health is the course is designed alongside industry an incorporates hands-on, practical learning experiences such as field and laboratory work, project based learning and work placements, which is remarkable and holds a lot of potential.

A career in public health has recently become more attractive after recent movements to preventive medicine.

The pursuit of a satisfying and meaningful career is my ultimate goal, and the course is a stepping stone along the path to a future career.

Our degree is special. It's a really high standard. We've got great recognition with employers. I've only ever received positive feedback from employers about our graduates. So, it's a great opportunity to come here and study with this at CQUniversity.

At all stages along the way, we keep you in touch with what's really happening in industry, about how things are done in industry.

So that when you do go out into work, you are well prepared for what you're going to need to do.

We have a really close relationship with industry partners and we make sure that when meeting their needs as well as the needs of the students.

This course would suit people with inquiring minds. So, if you want to be the sort of person who goes out and solves problems that are related to people's health. That you know, you really want to get into the nitty gritty behind.

It's incredibly varied, so if you don't want to get stuck behind a desk every day, you want to be out meeting people, being on the road. If you don't mind traveling, that's great because If you're working in the regions quite often, there's travel out to outlying areas.

If you're interested in making a difference at a community or a population level rather than just influencing one person who has a problem, then public health is a career that you should really think about.