Study Hospitality Management

Upskill and develop your skills in a range of business related disciplines within the growing hospitality management industry.

Study Hospitality Management


Hello, I’m Dr Laura Baker and I’m the Head of Course for the Bachelor of Hospitality Management at CQUniversity. The Bachelor of Hospitality Management has been designed to have a Diploma or an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management pathway because we want students who have already achieved the competencies of Hospitality Management to enter into the course so that they can learn business and management skills.

Via the Diploma of Hospitality Management pathway you can get eight units of credit, via the Advanced Diploma pathway you can get 12 units of credit.

The Bachelor of Hospitality and Management really focuses on general business skills that you can use in the hospitality sector as well as hospitality relevant units. And we’re concentrating on building those skills that organisations in the hospitality industry are looking for in their leaders and managers. So not only will you gain these generic business skills by studying the Bachelor of Hospitality Management but by selecting your electives you also study units that are relevant to different aspects of hospitality. So we have some of that electives that are relations to food and understanding nutrition, we have some electives that are related to marketing in the hospitality industry and we also have some units that are relevant to the tourism industry.

We often have people from industry approach the university looking for graduates who would fit into their organisation. For example large hotel organisations will often approach us indicating that they have graduate positions and they will look for graduates who can fit into the organisation but also who may benefit from additional training that’s available within the ogranisation such as training to become a higher level leader or manager within the organisation. When we learn about these opportunities we often add them to our Handbook so that you’re aware of them or we will put them on unit specific Moodle sites so that you can take advantage of these opportunities.