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Study Emergency Services


The world is always going to have emergency and disasters and I am passionate about being able to equip future students or graduates with the skills and capabilities of being able to deal with them.

Emergency services is a professional upgrade entry degree and was designed for people who are currently working in emergency services. Usually our students will come in with a Diploma or an Advanced Diploma in Public Safety or Diploma in Paramedical Science or OHS and usually when they come in they would receive a block credit towards their first year of study allowing them to only have two years left of their degree.

Students who are joining the Bachelor of Emergency Services normally would like to do a professional upgrade or rank progression or promotion within the emergency services field that they're currently working in. These emergency service fields could be Queensland Police Service, could be Queensland Fire Service it could be the state emergency services or even the ambulance services.

Students that are coming in with a diploma or advanced diploma will have an opportunity to specialise or find their niche by choosing or selecting a minor and designing their own course structure. So the minors in this course consist of management, public health community safety and education and safety sciences. These different minors can obviously aid in someone's or student’s career progression by enhancing their management skills within their current role and allowing them the ability or the confidence in applying for other senior management roles.

The Bachelor of Emergency Services uses a lot of authentic learning and assessment techniques. So all real-world scenarios, we do a lot of case studies so looking at different  potential disasters or emergencies in the area and allow students to kind of dissect those and we would then build on different theories and getting them a better understanding of those cases.

The Bachelor of Emergency Services is pretty unique in the fact that we get a lot of industry guest lecturers to come in to talk to our students. We feel that having an authentic real-world kind of a teaching experience for the students allows them to get the knowledge and you know the confidence to go out into industry knowing that they've had good strong foundational teaching.

This particular Bachelor of Emergency Services was very closely designed with the Australian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council as well as our course reference committees which involve a lot of industry . We work very closely with industry stakeholders to ensure that our reputation remains solid and that our course content remains relevant for the students that are joining us.

Majority of the time students who complete the degree are able to then receive promotions within their current field of work. A lot of them are volunteers requiring to get into some sort of more of a full-time paid position so this is where the degree really comes in handy. The Bachelor of Emergency Services can open doors internationally for students who graduate from it. A lot of our teaching incorporates both national and international teachings this obviously enables our students to be able to open or expand on the wider organisational positions that they can and get and receive.

Disasters don't obviously only happen in Australia, they happen all across the world and you can, it opens doors within humanitarian organisations as well as disaster relief teams.

People wanting to enter the emergency service field could start by volunteering at an emergency service such as the state emergency services and from there, could go on to the Diploma or the Advanced Diploma in Public Safety that we have here at CQU that directly articulates into this degree.