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Study Chiropractic


Hello my name is Dawn Dame, I’m the head of course here at CQU Chiropractic.

Studying the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science is really interesting course and it’s one that sets you up to enter the Master of Clinical Chiropractic, which allows you to register as a Chiro.

Chiropractors primarily work on the spine and so that’s the neck with the upper and lower back or cervical thoracic and lumbar spine as well as the pelvis.

We also do soft tissue work, we do rehabilitation, we do lifestyle advice, we can provide simple nutritional advice as well and so it’s a, it’s a whole full body package.

First year from the first week, you will start learning practical skills alongside the theoretical content. So in the initial year you’ve got one practical unit that you attend and you attend that twice a week and that’s where you can start to apply some of the theoretical knowledge.

As you progress through the course, in the second year you’ve got two units where you’re doing practical skills on campus and the practical skills are really kind of most students would report those as being the highlight of the week.

We’re constantly building on skills that you’re going to use when you start your practice. In doing that, by the end of the third year you could work your way through an initial consultation, in the way that you would do when you get to the fifth year and you start treating members of the public.

We have extensive external placements and it’s one of the things that our course is recognized for. We have two external placements in the fourth year and they’re 100 hours each and that’s where you get to select a practitioner for a clinic in the field that you would like to observe in and you have one more placement in the fourth year and that’s in our student clinic and that’s where you do your transition from being a fourth year or junior intern to becoming a senior intern and starting to take on your patients.

The Chiropractic clinics that we have a CQUniversity are purpose built for our chiropractic students. We have treatment roomd, also have rehab areas and then we have radiography and radiology as well. So the students in practice x-rays and taking x-rays and also reading x-rays, here in the student clinic.

As a profession, it’s growing and it’s predicted in Australia we have to grow 10% in the next 10 years. So it’s, it’s a promising field. Our graduates all find employment every year and we regularly get contacted by field practitioners looking to hire our graduates.