Study Business Studies

Upskill and develop your skills across a variety of business functions with our Diploma of Business Studies.

Study Business Studies


The Diploma of Business Studies is quite unique at CQUniversity because it’s a higher education diploma.

It’s the first year of the Bachelor, so it’s an exit award from the Bachelor of Business but it’s also a standalone course that you can take with the eight units giving you the Diploma of Business Studies.

It’s suitable for those students who don’t want to commit to a full three year course without understanding whether business is really the right discipline for them. Students can explore a number of areas of business in the Diploma because it has six core business units looking at accounting, HR, economics, law, marketing and management. And these really set you up for studying a full Bachelor later on if you want to. So it will help you to select the major that you might want to do, so by studying one accounting unit we hope that we can give you an understanding of what accounting is about so that you might to want to go on and study a full major in accounting if you continue onto the Bachelor of Business.

And within each of these units we incorporate what’s called work integrated learning where we try and provide authentic learning experiences that replicate what you might do in an organisation. We do this through simulated activities. We have guest lecturers who come and talk to you to show you what it’s like to work in a real organisation. What the guest lecturer does is show you how business operates in a real organisation. There’s also opportunities for you to network and build networks even among students who you go to class with but when you meet industry leaders and when you attend some on-campus events where we invite industry leaders along to talk to students about how we can market themselves to employers and we also have opportunities for you to do essays and reports that anyalyze data from real organisations.

The Diploma of Business Studies will gain you entry level employment in an organisation, so employment at the administrative officer level for example or even at the advisor level in human resource for example.

It’s quite a unique degree because not very many other universities offer a Diploma of Business Studies in the higher education sector. So it’s a standalone course that you can graduate with a Diploma of Business Studies but it’s also a direct entry pathway into the Bachelor of Business if you decide you want to continue your studies.