Study Business at CQUniversity

If you’re interested in how businesses can succeed, be sustainable and profitable then a business degree is right for you. Hear from Head of Course, Dr Laura Baker, who explains our flexible business degree options, including various majors, internship and project opportunities, teaching awards and graduate outcomes. Our alumni, Thu Zar Linn also recounts why she chose to study the Bachelor of Business and the level of support received.


Hello, my name is Dr Laura Baker and I am the Head of Course of the Bachelor of Business
If you're really interested in how businesses can succeed and be sustainable and be profitable no matter the situations that they find themselves in, in the external environment then a business degree is right for you.
We have majors that you can choose to study. The majors are accounting, human resource management, marketing, management and property.
By studying the Bachelor of Business and some of the various majors that you can undertake during your studies, you will be very well prepared for a career in management and business. For example, if you study the accounting major, you may be involved in consulting about mergers and acquisitions or about the governance practices of the organisation or the ethical financial practices of the organisation.
If you undertake a study of the HR major, you may be involved in recruitment or training and development or even the payroll and performance side of the organisation.  
The main reason why I chose to do the Bachelor of Business is that it is a combination of almost every topic that is really important nowadays.
Although it’s a business course, I am studying about social innovation, technology and information systems and various ethical theories.  
The advantages of studying face-to-face on campus is that you’ll be exposed to the knowledge and skills and experiences of other students in a real classroom. The advantages of studying online is that you can study at your own pace.  
Many of our staff have won national teaching awards, recognised for their knowledge and teaching innovation.
The Bachelor of Business provides opportunities for students to undertake projects with real organisations and this really builds your network of people who are working in the industry and provides you with a foot in the door when you actually graduate and are looking for work.
We often have industries contacting us because they have graduate positions that are available that our students can actually apply for while they're still studying.
I like getting to know my students. The students share their knowledge and experiences and together we construct meaning about what it’s like to problem solve what it’s like to develop learning together.
It is because of the level of support service available here, I have been able to transition smoothly and tackle my studies well.