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Study Business


If you're really interested in how businesses can succeed and be sustainable and be profitable no matter the situations that they find themselves in, in the external environment then a Business degree is right for you.

We have six majors that you can choose to study. The majors are accounting, financial planning, human resource management, marketing, management and property. One of the ways that the Bachelor of Business is quite versatile and quite unique is that you can undertake a major in a general discipline like accounting or HR or management but be, but by being able to choose other majors from other disciplines around the university it means that you can really tailor your studies to a career that you’re looking for.

The advantages of studying face-to-face on campus is that you’ll be exposed to the knowledge and skills and experiences of other students in a real classroom. The advantages of studying online is that you can study at your own pace. We fully support online students through interactive Zoom sessions and through recorded lectures so we try as closely as possible to mirror the two experiences online and on campus.

The Bachelor of Business provides opportunities for students to undertake projects with real organisations and these would be more likely in a voluntary capacity. Although there are some opportunities for you to engage in work experiences with industries, this really builds your network of people who are working in the industry and proves you a foot in the door when you actually graduate and are looking for work. Every unit that you study will have a Moodle site and on that Moodle site is an e-portfolio. Along the journey that you undertake to study the Bachelor of Business you will gather what we call artefacts and add to your portfolio, These may be case studies that you’re analysed, they may be visits that you’ve done to work sites, they may be guest speakers that you have met and reflected on their practice.

I find my job very exciting, the job of Head of Course because it really helps me to plan a journey for students to think about strategically, what an employer would want in a graduate and to help students to fulfil those knowledges and experience and attributes that employers are looking for.

I like the teaching aspect of my job as well. I like getting to know my students. I like to enter a classroom knowing that I’m not the person that has all the knowledge, that students share their knowledge and experiences with us and together we construct meaning about what it’s like to be an employee, what it’s like to problem solve what it’s like to develop learning together.