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Study Building Surveying


I find that the Built Environment is, is an industry whereby there's always something happening.

Demand for building surveyors or building certifiers is actually growing because it's an aging professional group.

Typically I find that the majority of students are already in the construction industry and many of them actually have a trade background. From a school leaver's point of view there's actually um again the pathway is there if you have an understanding of, or a liking for the way buildings are put together, you’ll find that it's a blend of both site as well as office jobs. Present time we are the only university in Queensland that offers Building Surveying.

The Built Environment team at CQU is uh made up of quite a number of disciplines and that's the thing with Built Environment, it’s not just one discipline we have on staff, we've got a civil engineer who was majored in structures, we have a quantity surveyor so that's your cost economist for a project, we have got architects, we also have a building surveyor and we also have a person who, who has an engineering background but then did Masters in Construction Management and is an active researcher. So we sort of try to complement one another because we are a small group but we have great diversity and those sort of experiences feed into what we teach to the students.

By distance education or online and the strength of that delivery process is that you can stay within your community. Within each unit there is a webinar site people have access to that and that's where all the content is there but that's also provides you with forums and chats so that you can actually ask questions and post.

Graduates from CQU are highly regarded within the Building Environment area but also to the building surveying discipline, alumni or graduates now reach the stage where many of them are managers within a division of local authority or they're working as principals and directors of private certifier organisations.

The Building Surveying degree is accredited by the Australian Institute of Building Surveys or AIBS. Now they are a national body but there is this chapter in each state.

Building surveying could be a career path for you if you enjoy reading drawings, looking at how the building process is undertaken. If you built things with Lego in the past or just fascinated by what's happening around you in the built environment, then building surveying is actually a very useful and profitable career.