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Building Design could suit anybody. I'm starting to see quite a growth in an interest from people within the community and I think some of it has come as a result of the renovation shows. The current gender ratio is about 55% female to 45% male, which means to say that you know and sometimes there's a misconception, it is an area whereby design is in the mind of the beholder.

Building Design at CQUniversity is the only Building Design provider in Queensland. There are some at the TAFE/VET level but no other university is in that space.

Building Design is by distance education or online and the strength of that delivery process is that you can stay within your community. Students can network with industry, there's more focus in this between, ourselves and also to the industry of looking at trying to build that network because that's becoming more important than in the past.

The Built Environment team at CQU is made up of quite a number of disciplines and that's the thing with Built Environments not just one discipline. We have on staff, we've got a civil engineer who's majored in structures, we have a quantity surveyor so that's your cost economist or a project, we have got architects, we also have a building surveyor and we also have a person who has an engineering background but then did Masters in Construction Management and as an active researcher so we sort of try to complement one another because we are a small group, but we have great diversity and those sort of experiences feed into what we teach to the students.

Underpinning a Building Designer is a fascination of being able to take just an idea and working up that design so that eventually it can be built, so that you can touch it. It doesn't have to be large-scale, so if you're a person that’s likes the design process but wants to see it through, so that it's built, then perhaps building design may be the same path for you