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Study Agriculture


My name is Richard Koech, I’m a lecturer in Agriculture based at the CQU Bundaberg campus. In the latest World University rankings, this university has been recognized as being among the best in the world in the discipline of agriculture and forestry.

Students have got an opportunity to study in Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Emerald, these are amazing locations, when it comes to someone actually undertaking a Bachelor of Agriculture. Bundaberg there’re very strong in horticulture, we’ve got a lot of industries around us. Rockhampton is the beef capital of Australia, the cropping industry is very strong in Emerald,

A graduate of Agriculture, Bachelor of Agriculture from CQU has got a lot of opportunities out there. We’ve got students that have ended up working in agronomy, we’ve got students that have gone into doing livestock work, we also have students that have found work in agro business sector.

We do offer practical sessions during residential schools so a lot of units that we offer especially in the past year. Students would be required to attend residential school. Students get to do lab work, they also go to, get to do field work, field discussions and of course that was an opportunity for them to interact face-to-face with their colleagues.

Some of the typical assessments that we give to students we constantly ask you students to work with farmers and identify real world problems and help the farmers actually solve those problems. For example develop a business platform for family.

What excites me most is when I get either a phone call or an email from a former student, when they tell me the amazing thing they’re doing in industry helping the cultural sector grow and also grow themselves professionally.