Study Accounting at CQUniversity - International

Hear from Head of Course, Gerard Ilott, who talks through where accounting is heading, why our recognised and accredited degree is highly regarded, internship and project opportunities, graduate outcomes and more. Our alumni, Sara Manka, recalls the skills she learnt, and the job offer received once she completed her internship at the same accounting firm.

Study Accounting at CQUniversity - International


Interviewer: Gerard Ilott

Accounting is a great profession, it can take you anywhere in the world. It’s not just one job, many of our graduates do end up working in local council, local accounting firms.

Accounting can take you where you want. We are deliberately beefing up our accounting degree to make sure you’re well set for what we call the fourth industrial revolution. That’s what’s coming in the workplace right now, so more emphasis on being able to tell the story with lots of data, it’s not just adding up, it’s about telling the story, using the technology that’s available and providing great service.

What sets us apart at CQUniversity is we’re very personal in how we work with you in education. We’ve got a great teaching team, it’s a small team and we teach all over Australia.

I have employers ringing me all the time saying have you got any good students getting near graduation because we want to hire more people.

So, our students are in work.

Something you might find attractive is you can do a supervised professional project. So that’s you bringing the skills and the knowledge that you’re learning now and applying it to a work situation.

During my studies, I did not just learn accounting skills, but I also learned how to work in a team, how to behave in the workplace, and I also improved my writing skills.

During the summer break I had the chance to get an internship in a small accounting firm. This experience benefited me quite a lot, I had the chance to practice my knowledge from university, and get to work with professionals. I was quite lucky that after the internship to get a job offer to work on part-time basis on the same accounting firm.

Our courses are fully accredited with some very, very big international players. So, CPA Australia is an international Accounting Association so is Chartered Accountants in Australia and in New Zealand.

The good thing about accounting, it is a recognised profession but it’s a profession that means a whole range of things, it’s a strong profession, it’s well recognised.

If you’re going to be a professional accountant, you’re on the global stage. We’ll give you the tools, we’ll give you the opportunities and you’re going to be very successful.