Study a Master of Engineering

If you’re interested in problem solving through innovation and creativity, then engineering is a career you should really think about. Hear from Head of Course, Prasad Gudimetla, who delves into how CQUni place a lot of emphasis on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary skills that prospective employers seek from graduates. Hear about our strong partnerships and links with industry, internships, scholarships, opportunities to spend time in laboratory-based environments, field trips and more.Students, Pratyusha Bobbari and Shibirajan M D from India, share their experiences from the Master of Engineering including the opportunities received from their internships.

Study a Master of Engineering


The Master of Engineering program that we offer places a lot of emphasis on the type of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary skills set that our prospective employers actually seek in our graduates and this is something that we have embedded very successfully in the classroom.

The Master of Engineering offers majors in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Students have an opportunity to spend a lot of time practically in several types of laboratory-based environments.

We also take them out on field trips.

I really learned and enjoyed a lot of things here. I'm a technical student and I enjoy doing labs, projects and lot more group work with different students because I learnt how to do teamwork and I learned how to talk in front of different people, and I learned how to do the presentations, do the reports, and laboratories, in fact, we're sitting in one of the labs I've worked in before.

The Master of Engineering is delivered by a group of academics who hold PhD’s in their chosen disciplines. We have several academics who are also affiliated to their individual discipline related professional bodies.

One of the key aspects of the Master of Engineering course is all students have to undertake a mandatory 12-week industry placement. During these 12 weeks internship, our students work as full-time engineers in a nominated industry.

We have 60 to 75 different internship providers who work very closely with us.

The main benefit of the ongoing partnerships that we have with our internship providers is we have successfully placed a lot of students on paid part-time or full-time employment before they graduated.

I was offered a scholarship from CQUniversity and during my degree CQUniversity helped me find my internship. At the end of my first year, which was my first internship, and at the end of my second year, CQUniversity found me a second internship through which I was offered a job and I've been working there ever since.

We have companies such as Holcim, Boral and BHP who have offered full time employment to our graduates. Our graduates are able to find employment in a diverse range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, energy, transportation and maintenance.

As a mechanical engineer, I always want to look at myself as a leading engineer in an organisation where I can plan and develop certain projects, which is useful for the real world. And, if I want to take up a project or if I'm designing something, I always want to see how useful it is to the world and for the sustainable living at this point.

My career aspirations are yet to be solidified. Since coming to CQUniversity has broadened my visions on what I can become as an engineer in manufacturing, mining and teaching sectors. I know that wherever I go and whatever I do, CQUniversity has enabled me to become the best version of myself.

Engineering is all about innovation and creativity. It's all about problem solving. So, until one understands what the problem is, the problem cannot be solved.