Study a Master of Business Management

Hear from Head of Course, Dr Geoffrey Chapman, who shares what is unique about our Master of Business Management, our internship program, the changing landscape of business, and more.

Study a Master of Business Management at CQUniversity


The Master of Business Management is a really interesting course because it's so broad in its appeal. It has so much potential for students to tailor their own experience.

So, what makes it unique from a lot of the other offerings of similar courses in the industry is that the major options that students have are very unique to CQUni.

All of these major options really allow the students to tailor their course experience to what is going to be most beneficial to them.

In the Master of Business Management, one of the big opportunities they have is an internship option.

So, the internship provides a really great opportunity to actually get out into industry to form some networks, to get that hands-on work experience. We basically set up that connection. We find a suitable company for them to go and work in.

The internship runs over the course of an entire term and from what all students have said after doing it — invaluable experience. They really get true to life experience of being in a company, working for a supervisor, being assigned a specific project, resolving organisational problems, coming up with solutions and what's been really great is seeing how well the students have been able to apply what they've learnt in the course.

There's a lot of really great stories that have come out from students that have done an internship with CQUni. Situations where students have gone to work for that company, or if not for that company, at least formed a really good network and been referred on to a similar organisation where they've found employment.

What I really, really love from CQUniversity, I did an internship for a marketing startup. And my responsibilities, I do everything about marketing in the company but I focus more on digital marketing. I write case studies and website and product listings on other platforms.

So, the internship is really good, and it's given me a lot of opportunities to learn from the real-life experience and to build up my confidence.

Students that would benefit from doing the Master of Business Management at CQUni would be any students that have finished an undergraduate degree and are looking to get a more advanced degree in management.

Also, any students who are working in a job, working for a company and are looking to extend their career into a more managerial role.

I really love our lecturers here. They are really friendly, they're knowledgeable, they’re interested in you. They're really, you know, helpful and supportive. It's really hard to know where business management is going in the future. It is changing on almost a day-by-day basis.

But everything is changed and, in my view, that's only going keep happening. It may not always be pandemics, it may not always be the same thing, but the business world is showing that it will need to be able to change all the time.

I feel that students who graduate with a Master of Business Management will fundamentally change the way that they see the world of business. They will change the way they approach their whole career.