Study a Bachelor of Music

Learn in a conservatoire-style environment that offers intensive individual training with professional musicians and gain valuable performance experience.

Study a Bachelor of Music


The Bachelor in Music is designed to prepare students for a career in the music industry, whether you're a vocalist instrumentalist, a singer songwriter or a composer. We have a course that is designed to prepare you the best possible way for the industry.

Our core structure in the first year involves a common year of study for all of our students. So if you're a classical musician, a contemporary musician, a jazz musician, singer songwriter, composer, you'll do the same units with that, which is music theory, music styles and analysis, one on one tuition on your chosen field of expertise, as well as fundamentals of music production and ensemble.

Within The Bachelor of Music, When students enter their second year of study, we offer a selection of five minor packs that you can choose from.

The unique features of The Bachelor music is the flexibility for all of our students to look at their passions and explore how far they can go. If you're an online student, if you're a Mackay campus student at the Conservatorium, it doesn't matter. We try to create an environment for all of our students to experience the very finest music education.

Within the first year of study all students will be assigned a tutor in their area of focus, so vocalist, instrumentalist, singer songwriters, composers have these tutors and that's where they will work one each week on technical aspects of that particular discipline and also repertoire.

We are very fortunate to have some of the very finest musicians and educators in the country, and that's one thing that we're very proud of. And with the use of innovative technology, all of our students have that incredible experience with these teachers, even if they say live in Geraldton and the teacher is in Melbourne.

Our students are constantly connected with industry, with all these experts.

So, throughout the course, students within each unit that they're studying are compiling all this evidence of their hard work so that they become more employable when they graduate.

Career outcomes are quite varied for a Bachelor of music. Some traditional choices would be to be a performer, work in the audio recording engineering area to be a composer. Some traditional education choices would be primary, secondary or tertiary education.

Many of our graduates choose to join the armed forces and become a musician in the Army, the Air Force or the Navy. We've got graduates that work within the online music business areas with tuition and writing music for scores, TV shows and films.

So there's a lot of interesting new areas that emerge there. And also with a Bachelor of music, you could look at careers with event management, radio broadcasting and areas within the creative arts field.