Student Representative Council

The SRC of CQUniversity


the Student Representative Council an
initiative providing you the opportunity
to have your voice heard we're in an
amazing position where we directly
liaise with university management
working together to provide you the best
possible student experience our council
members are from various backgrounds and
disciplines representing you at
everything here campus in Australia as
well as distance and international study
so you'll never be aligned on a
university of journey wherever you are
located the SRC has representatives
locating cans all the way down to
Melbourne across the WI and everywhere
in between the thiefbusters campus life
promoting planning activities and events
defacing your university experience
we are the avenue for your voice to be
heard demonstrating why seek
universities most engaging University
we're the sea clubs and societies
emerging indie games and sporting
adventures in those applications and
voluntary work provides genetic see and
support support the student mentor
program collaborate assist with
jubilation being part of the SRC has
been a great opportunity to thank
friends have fun and give back to the
come join us in this journey
I joined the SRC because I wanted to
help make a difference not just for
distance education students but for all
students I joined the student council to
become more involved with the campus and
the students being us as a member is a
great opportunity to miss local events
for the international students like me
to find out more about the SLC your
local member and/or upcoming elections
check out our student council page why
not start up a club or society at your
campus by visiting our SRC clubhouse
communicate with us on our Moodle forum
and have your voice heard keep updated
with our journey by following a certain
ukrop and fatah don't forget to check
out our latest newsletter in your
student email account to follow all the
latest projects with working towards a
line we can do seven but together we can
do so much more