Student Life of Kamalambigai Gnanasekaram

International student from Sri Lanka, Kamalambigai Gnanasekaram is studying the Master of Information Technology and is an active and proud member of the Social Innovation Hub at CQUni Sydney. Her advice to future students is to go out, explore the world and enjoy the journey. With hard work and willpower, she is on her way to achieving what she has set out to achieve.

Student Life of Kamalambigai Gnanasekaram


If you believe in yourself and in hard work, definitely, you can achieve your goals.

[Speaks in Tamil]

Hi, my name is Kamalambigai Gnanasekaram.

I have actually been exposed to a very western culture so coming here wasn’t that much of a culture shock.

I researched about universities in Australia and found CQUniversity is a university that supports and encourages social thinkers.

I feel that this really aligns with what I am and who I hope to be, because I believe great social thinkers are visionaries for social advancement.

I have participated in some workshops and have volunteered to organise the welcome event for our new international students. I am also proud to say that I am a member and the treasurer for the Social Innovation Hub at Sydney campus.

I have received support from CQUniversity as much as any international student can receive. I’d like to mention the Academic Learning Centre in particular for all their help with my assignments.

I have learnt to improve on my organisational and time management skills, and this helps me a lot in my everyday life. Even though university study is busy, I always find time to enjoy different hobbies such as creating cool nail arts and reading.

I believe in hard work and I enjoy what I do. Once I have graduated, I hope I’ll be able to gain work experience in the IT field and get the chance to apply my learnings.

I will always recommend CQUniversity to all of my friends and future students because of the experience I have had so far. CQUniversity offers an environment where you can enjoy learning and explore your career options.

My advice to any future students is come out and explore the world. But one thing is, whatever you choose to study, make sure that you enjoy it and have fun on the journey.

For me, my thoughts completely changed after coming here. Even though I didn’t have that much of a culture shock, I did question myself how I was going to tackle my studies, let alone a masters degree!

But now I realise that if you have the willpower, anything could be achieved. If you try hard and put in 100% work, you can get what you want.

[Speaks in Tamil]

Be what you want to be.