Student Life of Carmela Junaidi

International student from Indonesia, Carmela Junaidi, shares her experience in Australia and at CQUni. She reflects on why she chose to come to Australia to study: so many beautiful places, the food, the culture and there’s always something going on! Carmela enjoys baking and captures all her creations in a journal which she shares with us in this video. She wants to learn more about the hospitality industry and hopes to open her own business one day.

Student Life of Carmela Junaidi


My name is Carmela.

I came from Indonesia.

I’m studying the Bachelor of Hospitality Management.

I like travelling, that’s why I came here because I heard from my auntie that there is a lot of beautiful places.

There are so many things around here.

The food and the culture.

The exhibition places.

And they have a lot of events going on.

Usually I’m doing workout, baking and I also hang out with my friends.

My friend recommended IDP, and I asked them to let me enrol at CQUniversity.

One of the staff who helped me to enrol on this campus is very kind and she’s very patient with me.

because I had to take care of my visa and it was quite complicated.

I like the friends in my class because they are very supportive.

It is good to have a friend who I can hang out with besides meeting inside the class.

I want to know how to work in the hospitality industry.

I want to know how to management staff because in the future I hope I can open my personal business.