Student Life of Anchalee Thuanveeradej

International student from Thailand, Anchalee Thuanveeradej, shares her experience in Australia and at CQUniversity. She reflects on her love for wildlife animals, playing guitar, singing and why she chose to study English at CQUni. For someone who had only studied English for 10 weeks, Anchalee did a brilliant job sharing her story with us in this video. Our hats off to her!

Student life of Anchalee Thuanveeradej


My name is Anchalee.

I come from Thailand.

I was studying General English course but now I’ve finished.

English language is important for everyone and if I have a better skill in English, I have more opportunity for a job.

I normally play guitar, sing a song, ride the bicycle everywhere.

I like multicultural city and a lot of wildlife animals.

My agent is ANZ Education, I think my agent is very good because she worries about me.

She can solve problems for me.

I think CQUniversity is the best university for me because it has good teachers and I can talk with the teachers any time.

I came here to improve my skills.

To find more experience and opportunity for a job.