Skills for Tertiary Education Preparation Studies (STEPS)

Learn more about STEPS at CQUniversity from current student Jessica Birt.

CQUniversity STEPS - Jessica Birt


My name is Jessica Birt and I am currently studying STEPS at CQUniversity.
[Why study STEPS?]
I decided to study STEPS because I have two girls and I wanted to show them that I was more than just a house mum. They were both five weeks early and they were in special care and I watched the nurses in special care and I wanted to be that amazing nurse to help support mums and I was petrified of uni and knew that STEPS could help me progress from not studying to studying full time again.
[What has STEPS given you?]
It's given me a lot of self-confidence, it's given me new friends and it's given me some mum time some away me time.
[Would you recommend STEPS?]
I would absolutely recommend STEPS course to other people I feel really confident that i can start uni now without being on the back foot. I feel like I'm going to be ahead of other uni students by having my STEPS background.