School of Education and the Arts

Prof Bill Blayney introducing the School of Education and the Arts


Welcome my name is Bill Blayney. I'm the Dean of Education and Arts. I warmly welcome you to consider studying within our school. We have a whole range of study opportunities available for you, ranging from education, creative visual arts to the digital media and ProfCom. We also have vocational pathways open to you through hospitality, early childhood and education support. I strongly encourage you to look at our webpage and see the study options that are available for you. We have multiple study options available for you to think about, studying through flexible delivering through online through face-to-face. All of these options are designed to suit your particular needs as a student depended on where you are in this great country of ours, so think about exploring the webpage and finding study options are the best suited for your particular needs. I look forward to seeing you as part of our school in the near future.