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Welcome to the school by the Dean - Prof Bill Blayney

Prof Bill Blayney introducing the School of Education and the Arts.


Hi everyone my name is Professor Bill Blaney and I extend you a very very warm welcome from the School of Education and the Arts.

As you can see from this map behind me we have a presence right across Australia delivering high quality courses from Western Australia to North Queensland and everywhere in between

Our school offers you a wide range of choices of study in the areas of Education, digital media, professional Communication, creative and performing Arts, humanities, hospitality, early Childhood, education support and visual Arts.

The qualifications that we offer range from short courses to certificate and diploma level courses along with a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research high degrees.

Within our school most of our courses also offer working and graded learning - this means you can be placed in industry to apply your knowledge and skills throughout your studies or participate in one of our many international exchange programs that can take you to many many parts of the world.

Our teachers and lecturers are experts in their fields and we're close with industry to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date training you possibly can  - our professional staff are also of the highest quality, they're compassionate caring individuals who are always there to provide you with the guidance and support throughout your journey with us.

Now as a teacher myself with over 30 years experience before becoming Dean of this school,  I wanted to offer you three important points of advice to get you through on your journey with us.

Firstly ask for help often and early. We cannot help you if we don't know there is a problem so therefore if you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure or in some sort of need of assistance please let us know early.

We have a dedicated team of academic liaison officers whose role it is to contact you at the very start of your study to make sure that you feel safe confident and ready to start or continue on with your journey.

They will be your point of contact and can assist you to check that you have enrolled in the right units and provide a listening ear when times get tough.

Don't also forget about our academic pathways team.

Their also there to provide you with your study planners, they're very important to keep you on track.

Secondly you can't do this alone - it's just too hard, so create support networks like other like-minded students through engaging and exchanging of emails, phone numbers or Facebook groups that will help and offer support and encouragement to you as you progress through your studies.

Also please be aware that our lecturers, Teachers, heads of courses, qualifications Coordinators, academic staff, professional staff are also there to help you succeed.

Finally become engaged with the University - log on to your Moodle sites early and get familiar with the assessments. Every Moodle site has a feature that we call ZOOM this is where you engage with the teachers and lecturers on a weekly or a scheduled basis - please make sure your attend at least a few of these recorded sessions as they are very important to your journey.

In closing I wish you success in your studies during your time with us - learning is a lifelong experience so make the most of your studies if I or my team can help you in any way possible please let us know so we can ensure that your experience with us is a positive memory for many years
to come

Thank you