Role of the Supervising Teacher

This video describes the role of the supervising teacher as a teacher educator, a mentor and an assessor of pre-service teachers.

Role of the Supervising Teacher


I'd like to take a moment to talk about the role of the supervising teacher in the professional practice. There's been a real shift over the years in respect to the roles that you will take on when you have a pre-service teacher in your classroom.

I think that you wear multiple hats. Firstly you wear a mentoring hat and this is where you support the student and provide lots of opportunities for them to become involved in the role of being a teacher, whether it's at the beginning of their degree or towards the end of the degree. You also take on the role of a supervising teacher and this is where the assessment side of things come in, where you start to make judgments about the pre-service teacher and their progress. You also take on a coaching type of role where you start to model and demonstrate different aspects of practice for the pre-service teacher so that they can then build their knowledge their skills their capabilities and so forth.

I think the most difficult part of the role is often around the assessment and this is one that many supervising teachers struggle with. So in our professional practice booklet, and also in respect to the other materials that we use, we give you lots of resources to make this job just a little bit easier if I can describe it that way. So we provide you with resources such as a guide to making judgments we also give you some information around the professional practice placement itself, so each placement has a theme and a set of expectations and a set of goals that our students need to achieve. We also give you an observation template so that you can provide explicit feedback to our students around how they're going and all of these resources will help you to be able to make a judgement about their progress in respect to the intended learning outcomes that have been set for the students.