Respect Now Always

CQUniversity is committed to providing all staff and students with a safe and peaceful place to work and study. Physical, sexual or online violence, harassment or bullying, against any individual, will not be tolerated. CQUniversity’s commitment to personal safety and wellbeing means we are proud to support the national Universities Australia “Respect. Now. Always.” Campaign.

Respect. Now. Always.



Consent is the most important part of sex because without consent it isn't sex.

It's rape or sexual assault.

You and your partner must agree that you both want to have sex.

Both of you have to be totally up for it.

You can't bully, trick, threaten or pressure someone into consenting.

And if someone's drunk, asleep or passed out …

They can't legally give consent at all.

You need to get consent every time you have sex, none of us are mind readers, so just ask and really listen.

Ask things like is this what you want?

Is this okay?

Do you want to keep going?

If they consent, you’ll hear things like.

Yes, keep going!

But if they say no …

Can we slow down?

I guess if you want to.

Or if they don’t say anything at all …

Stop, just stop.

Legally, consent can't exist if it's not communicated by word or actions

And no means there is no consent.

So talk to your partner.


Anyone can change their mind.

If your partner withdraws consent and you keep going

It stops being sex.

And it becomes rape or assault.

Because no one owes you sex and everyone always has the right to say no.

It doesn't matter how much you want it.

What they're wearing.

If they've had sex with you before …

Or if it had sex with other people before.

Consent isn't just a box you tick, it's part of having sex.

It's not that complicated.

You just need to ask.

Because without consent, it stops being sex.

It's rape.

And you don't want to be that person.

[Video produced by Monash University]