Research Video for Human Resources

Human Resources Research at CQUniversity


My name Shimo Zhang and I am now a research student at CQUniversity Australia.

Before I started my PhD at CQUniversity, I had completed my masters degree in the UK and worked as a lecturer at Shenyang University in China for seven years. I decided to do my PhD because I wanted to build on my postgraduate study in management and experience as a university lecturer and make a significant contribution. Human resource is a field that I am greatly interested in and wish to learn more. I chose CQUniversity to do my PhD because I feel it is one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in Australia.

CQUniversity always maintains its standards in a specific way while evolving to changing the environment. Additionally, I choose CQUniversity to continue my study as I was very happy with the support, networking and diligence of the university staff. What's really most interesting and important to do your research at CQUniversity, for this reason, is, that we work in the area of social innovation. It's one of the ways in which we distinguish ourselves as a university. A lot of our research is explicitly about being engaged with society.

Our research is not simply about publishing in highly ranked international journals, we do that, but it's also about addressing social and economic problems. That's how we define this University. That's what makes it different. My research topic concentrates on high-performance work systems in China. This study is an attempt to look into the roles of the relevant attitudinal outcomes such as trust and job satisfaction in the High-Performance Work Systems and employee performance link. What I enjoy the most about being a PhD student at CQUniversity is first, the fact that I've been very fortunate to receive supervision from high calibre and supportive supervisors. They have significant expertise in my field of interest and are supportive and encouraging mentors. Secondly, my network is growing. And I'm able to connect with other research students, both domestic and international, and staff to develop new friendships.

My advice to future students is to be passionate about your research.
I look forward to you joining our research community here at CQUniversity.