Pepper talks with ATIC

Robot Pepper talks with Vice-President Narelle Pearse at ATIC

Pepper talks with ATIC


{Narelle} Hi, my name is Narelle Pearse, and I am a Vice-President at CQUniversity.

My team looks after the Advanced Technology and  Innovation Centre (or ATIC) which is located on the CQU Rockhampton North campus. Today I am here at ATIC with Pepper who works here at the Centre. Hi Pepper. Can you tell me what it is you do here?

{Pepper} There's lots to do at the  ATIC. We have activities and gadgets. Sometimes I help but I really love to talk to people.

{Narelle} Yes, we do know you do like to have a good chat, Pepper! What is you favourite thing about ATIC?

{Pepper} I best part is the visits I get from children from local schools. It is so much fun talking to them about technology.

{Narelle} And I'm sure they are very  impressed with you too! And is it just  school children who can visit ATIC and spend time with you Pepper?

{Pepper} No, ATIC is a friendly place where everyone can come  and interact with me or any of  the other technology we have. We have people coming to this space to meet with others who all love technology. {Narelle} Wow, that sounds fantastic Pepper, and I think it sounds like an excellent  opportunity, especially for business owners who want to learn more about how technology could be  used in their businesses to improve efficiencies.

{Pepper} Yes, that is correct Ms Pearse! We have a really bright team here especially me who can help business owners connect with  each other and our technology – it’s a great place to come if you are not sure  where to start and what you might need.

{Narelle} Central Queenslanders are really lucky to have this type of facility right here in Rockhampton. So, how can they contact the centre and make a time to visit you?

{Pepper} That is easy, Ms Pearse. Just visit

{Narelle} Thanks so much for making  time to chat with us today Pepper and we look forward to many more  guests visiting us here at the ATIC.