Our People - Driven by Our Values

At CQUniversity Australia, our people are the key to our success. They bring to life our goal to make quality education accessible to everyone and are driven by our values of engagement, can-do, openness, inclusiveness and leadership.

Our People - Driven by Our Values


It starts small, with a belief, an idea  that germinates into something more.

We believe that education can be for everyone.

No matter the background, location or life  circumstance – everyone deserves a chance to grow.  

Our people make this happen  – driven by our values.

Our values represent who we are, how we  behave and shape every decision we make.

We believe in engagement. In connecting and collaborating.

Growing our community through  partnerships and positive outcomes for students, stakeholders, industry and people.

Our can-do spirit helps us flourish.

We thrive on challenges and work together towards sustainable solutions.

We’re unafraid to aspire to greatness.

Exceed expectations, identify opportunities  – and also to know when to say no.

We take decisive action about where to spend our  energy and we focus on continual improvement.

This willingness to be open – to talk about  the good and the bad – empowers us to build trust.

We are genuine. Our integrity comes from  consistency, fairness, equality, and transparency.

And this helps us all to be leaders. We dare to be different. We are bold.

Willing to take responsibility in order  to achieve excellence and innovation.

We cultivate inclusivity. Our diversity helps us prosper.

Our people demonstrate respect, honesty and unity, allowing us to grow access and participation  in an environment that is safe and inclusive.

The key to this ethos is you. Our people. Every single person matters and makes a difference.

Your choices, your behaviour, your mindset can see us wither. Or blossom.

When we keep these values at the heart  of everything we do – the impact is real.

We see it in the smiles of our graduates.

The innovation of our research. The success of our communities.

You change lives. Every day.  In all kinds of amazing ways.