Diploma of Nursing

Luke shares his passion for Nursing at CQUniversity

Diploma of Nursing at CQUniversity


I've been a blackjack dealer, I served in the Navy, I managed fast food chains, I was a data analyst for employment workplace relations, I was in auditor for defense. So I've had a bit of a varied past but my journey to nursing was almost by happy accident.

So I had a series of unfortunate medical events in early 2016 which laid me out for quite a while and had a reasonably lengthy hospital stay. You know what makes health, care health care and what's you know what is the beating heart and it was the nursing staff. And so I started investigating and asking questions and found CQU offering in July which happened to coincide with um my discharge and went from there and here I am.

The diploma is quite unique where though you learn a lot of theoretical components a fair majority is still physical and hands-on as I drew the Bachelor that there's a lot of things that I've previously learnt that's made my life infinitely easier throughout the whole batch of the process.

I'm hoping to get a graduate year through the rocky base emergency department I think that's the area that I'll want to specialise and it seems to suit where I'm going. It's I suppose it's just the the first step in a long line of continual development continual sort of improvement.

Just do it like this don't even think about it if you're hinting towards what it's doing nursing just do it it is such a rewarding career. I mean I've done all sorts of weird and wonderful things and I can't imagine doing anything else now.