Business Student talks about her study journey

Patricia Marsh shows no matter who you are, you can learn and work here at CQUniversity.

Business student talks about her study journey



Most people think just because you're in a wheelchair you can't do anything. But I like to prove them wrong that is the major satisfaction and doing things  that people go - gobsmacked when you do them.

But they're just basic things and  not curing cancer or anything that just  everyday thing and people just awestruck  when you're doing for yourself. My legs don't work, my brains fine. I love being able to look at the screen and figuring  out how to fix problems and I also like sitting at computers they are really non-judgmental.

I'd love to work in a work place where people come in and they don't expect someone in the wheelchair but just to accept them for who they are and how they can help - not any other.

And I really really want to do the stuff in the workplace that helps people out if I  can learn how to help other people then it's a win-win situation. Everyone takes independence of granted when you don't have it all of time, when you do things for yourself, it is what a great achievement and you feel so good on the inside like you can run a marathon.

It means to me that I'm able to do everything myself even if it takes longer and takes about 2 or 3 goes to achieve that but I feel good on the inside knowing I can achieve that myself