Music and Theatre Audition Process

Learn more about the audition process for Music and Theatre at CQUniversity.

Music and Theatre Audition Process


My name is Doctor Peter Mckenzie and I am head of course for music.

Music and Theatre students need to audition so we can assess your skill level and to see where your musical journey is to date.

So students that are interested in applying, would then firstly go through the tertiary admission centers.

Once that process is undertaken then you will apply through our CQUniversity website and then we will be able to register you then for an audition.

Our flexible options for auditioning consists of either face to face on Mackay or Cairns Campuses.

You can pre-record or you can also do a live zoom audition and we are quite flexible in finding a time that suits you to undertake that process.

There are no disadvantages to choosing online or on campus.

It is the choice for you that works and that is that flexible option that we try to encourage.

Through the audition process, we want to make sure that it is stress free as possible for you.

You will present contrasting works in your chosen discipline in music and theatre, and we will also have a brief chat, an informal discussion on your musical dreams and where you want to go with your study.

After the audition process, your application will be then assessed and then you will be notified of the outcome just a few short weeks after that.

To prepare for audition, you should contact your local music teacher or someone that you are working with, on your area of discipline to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for the audition process.

If you have any questions at all about the audition process, you can always contact the music lecturers within the Bachelor of Music or Theatre to help you understand what you might need to prepare and further give you some tips on getting this important process as prepared as possible.