Masters of Public Health - Testimonial from Jo Neville

CQU Student Jo Neville talks about her experiences studying a Masters of Public Health at our Cairns campus.

Masters of Public Health - Testimonial from Jo Neville


My name is Jo Neville and I studied a Master's of Public Health at CQUniversity.

I chose Public Health at CQUniversity, because I've been working as a nurse and a midwife for almost 30 years.

The thing that appealed to me at CQUniversity was that it fitted into a social ecological model and not a tertiary, because some of the other universities that I explored were looking more from a medicine perspective and I wanted to look at it from a more social population level.

It's looking at a, for me, a more holistic model of living and lifestyle for humans and the external environment that impacts on humans.

On a master's level, the support and the capacity that you're given from your supervisors is pretty great, that they are there to help you succeed. So that's been a great learning thing for me.

I work full time and I study full time, so I need to have the flexibility that CQUniversity has been able to give me. You know, I speak to my supervisor almost weekly at the moment and I do that at 6:00 p.m. So she's very, very flexible to adult learners and that's been an amazing resource for me.

I'm a full time student, but I'm a full time, lots of other things as well so it gives me lots of opportunity and capacity to devote the amount of hours I need in my study in the times that is suitable for me.

A few months ago, I started in a public health role with Torres and Cape Hospital Health Service, and so I've got to where I wanted to go. So this is why I did the study and I'm here, so it's great.