Master of Teaching (Secondary)

CQUniversity knows teaching. Use your existing qualification and turn it into a rewarding career as a secondary teacher.

Master of Teaching (Secondary)


At CQUniversity we offer a Master of Teaching (Secondary) course. This course is designed for people who already hold a Bachelor degree which is a non education degree.

So the idea with this course is to turn your content knowledge from your Bachelor degree into teachable knowledge to enable you to gain teacher registration and become a teacher.

Our course is quite unique in that it is a two year Masters course delivered over 1.5 years. So we use our term three structure where students study term one, two and three in the first year and then term one in the second year and graduate mid year.

Currently there is a very high demand for secondary year school teachers. Mainly within regional areas but also right across the state, but right across Australia. We are currently in a situation where we can not supply enough graduates for the profession, which is a really great thing for students who graduate from CQUniversity with an education degree.

So within the Master of Teaching (Secondary) we offer a range of different teaching areas. When you enter you have to nominate your two teaching areas. So you nominate a major teaching area and a minor teaching area. So those two teaching areas must come from your previous study that you have done in your Undergraduate degree.

Within the Master of Teaching (Secondary) at CQUniversity we have placement in all four terms. So this is actually quite a unique feature to the design our particular course here where we find it very important to place students in schools in every single term of study that they have.

The first placement is obviously an introduction to teaching, it’s an introduction to what secondary schools are like today. The second placement that you do within the Master of Teaching solidifies your content knowledge a little bit more where you focus on teaching both of your teaching areas. For the third and fourth placement, they’re actually in the same school in the second year of the course. One at the beginning of the school year so that you can actually experience what its like on the very first day of school and that’s quite an unique feature to our courses here at CQUniversity, where we tailor our placement program to the needs of the industry who have said to us they would our students to know what its like to set up a classroom at the beginning of a school year. For placement four within the Master of Teaching you are actually with that same class that you helped set up at the beginning of the school year through to the end of term two and you’re there for the reporting process that the school would actually go through, so you’ve actually seen those students progress all the way through school term one and school term two.

During our course we teach you all of these different skills to be able to work with students and in particular adolescence because adolescences have a particular set of values themselves, so we give you the skills to be able to work with them in the classroom context.