Internship Employment Success

CQUniversity's internship program is one key aspect of our career preparation support to deliver the best possible outcomes for our international graduates. Hear from our graduates who undertook an internship and subsequently received an employment opportunity. At CQUniversity, we are committed to equipping our students with real-world skills, up-to-date industry knowledge and networking opportunities before you graduate. Internships and work placements play a crucial role in developing your employability and maximising your employment prospects.

Internship Employment Success


I’m Stephan Van Heerden, I studied a Bachelor or Engineering at CQUniversity in Bundaberg.

My name is Shibirajan, I studied a Master of Mechanical Engineering at CQUniversity Australia

My name is Urusha Kansakar and I graduated from the Master of Professional Accounting.

CQUniversity provided me many platforms to go beyond my potential.

I am working as an Assistant Accountant in the construction industry. This was my first accounting job in Australia, and I was promoted after my first year.

This course provided me financial literacy, theoretical skills as well as computer skills.

With the internship I met a lot of people in the industry that I worked in and that helped me a lot with my career after university.

So, I encourage future students and current students to make sure that I have enough contact with the clients and with the current workforce so that they have a good network for the end of the day when they finish with the University.

It's a very clear philosophy within Knauf to pursue and bring on board the absolutely best people that we can find. So, it was a good avenue for us to partner with CQUniversity.

The graduates from there seem to transition better than other graduates that I’ve certainly had exposure to.

During my internship, I gained the confidence to make contributions to the company’s operational processes where, apart from learning high-level business processes, I enhanced my critical evaluation, problem-solving, verbal and written skills.

At the end of my internship, I secured a job offer and am excited to be part of the team.”

I was offered a scholarship from CQUniversity. At the end of my first year, CQUniversity found me an internship through which I was offered a job and I've been working there ever since.

I was really happy with the experience, and I learned how engineering text theory-based knowledge can be applied to a real-life experience.

Although most of my course was online due to COVID-19 lockdowns, I was still able to learn and get ready for my future profession, thanks to the knowledge, skills and preparation provided by CQUniversity.

My internship placement opened my eyes to the world of business management.

The experience was wonderful, and I was employed right after my internship.

The 3-month internship was the highlight of my degree. I was placed with the City of Port Phillip Council and put onto multiple projects.

I implemented techniques learnt in my coursework and enjoyed networking with the stakeholders. I was on top of the world when I received a job offer – I got to start my professional journey in Australia and was happy that the hard work finally paid off.

Since coming to CQUniversity has broadened my visions on what I can become as an engineer in manufacturing, mining, and teaching sectors. I know that wherever I go and whatever I do, CQUniversity has enabled me to become the best version of myself.