Indigenous Scholarships

Find out what Indigenous Scholarships CQUniversity has to offer.



Albert: Hi, I’m Albert- Indigenous Student Support Officer for TAFE students.

Robina: And I’m Robina- Indigenous Student Support Officer for University students.

Albert: We're here today to talk about scholarships, and we have Rachel Lamb from the scholarships office to talk more about the scholarships. Hi Rachel.

Rachel: Hi Albert. Hi Robina.

Robina: Hi Rach. Could you tell us about scholarships available at CQUniversity?

Rachel: We have so many scholarships that are available for our students. One of the big misconceptions is that scholarships are only for students who perform really well academically, and that is not the case. We have scholarships for first-year students and scholarships for students who are continuing their studies with us. Some of the scholarships may be for a particular course that you may be studying, or where you are studying, but we have a lot of other scholarships that address the diverse needs of our students.

Albert: Rachel, should Indigenous students apply for Indigenous scholarships only?

Rachel: No, definitely not. While we have some scholarships that are reserved for our indigenous students, there’s no harm in applying for everything that you are eligible for.

Robina: How do students find out which scholarships are available?

Rachel: They can visit our website. If you log onto there’s a full listing there of scholarships that are open to CQUni students, as well as a number of other scholarships that are offered by external organisations.

Albert: Rachel, how do students apply?

Rachel: Follow the information on our ‘How to Apply’ section on the website. Most scholarships require 500 words about you, so tell your story. Tell us about your community involvement, your leadership skills and your general life experience. That will help you stand out in the crowd.

Robina: Thanks Rach, that sounds pretty straightforward.

Rachel:  It is Robina. Students should just make sure that they remember to attach all of their supporting documents when they submit their application.

Robina: Too deadly. (To audience) If you have any questions, you can always contact us at the Indigenous Student Support office at, or call us at 07 4930 9250, because we work pretty closely with the Scholarships team, or, you can send them an email to

Albert: Thanks Rachel for that useful information about the scholarships. (To Audience) Students, we’d like to encourage you to apply for as many scholarships that you are eligible for. Keep your eye on the scholarships page because different scholarships are open at different times. And, if you need any assistance, give us a call.