Head of Course and Senior Academic for MBA (Leadership)

Meet our MBA (Leadership) Head of Course, Dr Anja Pabel and Senior  Academic, Dr Michelle Thompson.

Head of Course and Senior Academic for MBA (Leadership)



My name is Anja Pavel and I'm the Head of Course of the hyper flexible online leadership and innovation courses.

In this role I provide curriculum related leadership for the innovation courses, particularly the MBA (Leadership). What that means is that I ensure the overall quality of the course and its delivery, the assessment tasks, and any feedback mechanisms. It also means that I try to ensure the, that the content is appropriate and up-to-date so it actually supports the students learning journey. It is also about making sure that the course is relevant to workplaces and industry here in Australia, but also beyond Australia because student populations, in this day and age, are a lot more mobile. Apart from the MBA (Leadership), and its nested graduate certificate and graduate diploma in business administration leadership, we also offer other hyperflexible online degrees such as our brand new graduate certificate in social innovation leadership, which encourage students to be social entrepreneurs or it's about encouraging positive social change.

When I first joined the MBA (Leadership) the concept of, the idea of, hyperflexibility was completely new to me, and it actually really blew my mind. The idea is that the learning journey takes place in a very self-paced manner, without any set deadlines for the students to submit their assignments. So you'll find that most of the students enrolled in the MBA (Leadership) are very self-motivated and have great management skills, which will definitely help them complete the degree. The self-paced nature also means that students can finish in as little as 12 months, but they can also take all the way up to five years. There are no formal lectures in the MBA (Leadership), all the learning materials and the assessment details, the exercises are provided online and are accessible to the students 24/7. So if students have a access to a device, um the internet, and they have 30 to 40 minutes in their day they're pretty much good to go.

Student support is provided by our academic team. So we have a weekly student support session where students can drop in and ask us any of their assessment related, or unit related questions. We also have dedicated Microsoft Teams channels, one channel for every unit in the MBA, where students can ask all sorts of questions, and these channels are moderated by the academic team. And last but not least we have a dedicated LinkedIn group where students can network with one another in a professional capacity. I join some of the student support sessions, from time to time, so I look forward to meeting you in one of those.

My name is Michelle Thompson and I'm a member of the academic team in the MBA (Leadership) program. My background is in tourism, so a specialist business area, and my key focus has been on regional tourism development that incorporates aspects of food, agriculture, nature and sustainability. I started my career working in small business in regional areas and this has ignited my passion for seeing our regional communities and businesses thrive. Building in region capacity and leadership is a key part of realising this. My role in the MBA (Leadership) program is that of academic student support. So this really means I'm here to answer any questions that you may have about the course content as well as the assessments. I'm also a marker and responsible for reviewing and updating the content in the program to ensure that it's relevant, contemporary and provides our students with foundational theories and concepts as, well as incorporating new concepts that are needed for our leaders of the future.

As a part of the MBA (Leadership) program you'll have the opportunity to upskill in a number of core business units, across accounting, economics, marketing, human resource management, as well as communications. As businesses working in a dynamic environment we also cover key concepts around innovation, disruption, social innovation and strategies. This is all brought together in the capstone unit where you have become a leader and manager of a simulated international business operation. I'm really excited to be a part of the MBA (Leadership) team, the program provides students from all walks of life, in regional and remote areas, metropolitan cities and overseas, the opportunity to develop their business and leadership skills in a format that's affordable, accessible and most importantly flexible. I'm looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you and to see you become the leader that you want to be.