Graduation Preperation Workshop

Join the Student Engagement team as they speak with members of the University Life team, the International Directorate and the Indigenous Student Engagement Team to bring you information on everything you need to know before you graduate.

Graduation Preperation Workshop


JENNA: Welcome everyone to our Graduation Preparation Workshop.

So this session is for students in their final term, completing their studies in Term 2.

I would like to begin today’s session by acknowledging the traditional custodians on the land on which we meet today. I am on beautiful and sunny, today, Wurundjeri country and I do pay my respects to their elders past, present, and emerging.

And I extend those respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples we have with us today.

So firstly, congratulations for reaching your final term and I’m sure most of you have been busy completing those final assessments and wondering what happens next after your final grades are released.

Today we’re going to go over a few important things.

Firstly, we’ll have Alex from our International Directorate talk about some further study options at CQUniversity, what happens after the final grades are released, the graduation ceremony, which I’m sure a lot of you are looking forward to attending and finding out more about.

And then we have some important information for our international students and some key contacts if you do have further questions or need any further assistance, who you can contact.

And finally some questions at the end.

I would like to hand it over to Alex.

ALEX: Thanks, Jenna.

Hi, g’day.

I’ll kick right off.

So thanks very much for that, Jenna.

My name is Alex Hanlon, I’m an International Recruitment Coordinator at CQU and I’m just going to quickly go through some of the further study options that some of our international students might like to consider as you come toward the end of your current course.

So briefly, the options that you might like to look at would be a Masters by Coursework, which could be a secondary Master to broaden out your skillset from the Masters you might be completing right now.

A shorter option would be a Graduate Certificate or a Graduate Diploma and then you might also like to think of some research options such as a Master by Research or a PhD Program and there’s a fairly new Graduate Certificate of Research which we will have a look at in more detail.

So this is that Graduate Certificate.

So the reason that the university has designed this program is because as an entry requirement to our research programs such as a Master by Research or a PhD Program, there is a requirement that you have some research experience there.

And usually this would come from the elective units in either your Bachelor or your Masters program.

But it’s very common that maybe you decided to do something like the Internship with your elective units and so you might not have that research background there in order to allow you to enter the PhD or a Master by Research.

And so this 6 month, one semester program can allow you to do four units that are research-intensive and do that research background so that you can go directly into a Master by Research or a PhD Program.

And this 6 month course can be packaged up together to go on one visa with the Master by Research or a PhD.

So just very briefly on these two courses, the Master by Research is a two year supervised program, we can look at multi-disciplinary topics for this one and you will need to have a supervisor arranged for the two year program, which-  you might already know one of your professors or someone that can agree to do supervision for you and if not, the university can have a look at that for you as well.

And then the other area you might look at would be a PhD Program.

So generally these are three to four years.

The University will send you an offer letter and then a CoE for a four-year duration, so your visa would be around four years for this program.

So you might look at a PhD or a Doctor of Education.

There is also the ability for some scholarships to look at for the research programs, so both the Masters and the PhD you can apply for an Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship.

You do need to have an offer letter before you apply for that scholarship.


So just in terms of your application and what you should be looking for - so a good area to start would be the research strengths of the university.

So have a look here and you will find - why would you look at this area? Because it shows you areas where we have supervisors available that you can do research with.

And it’s also some of the areas where the university is at well above and above world standard in these research areas.

There are some ongoing research topics going on there as well, which you might be able to look at, both for inspiration and potentially to join.

Okay, and then how to apply.

So you’re looking at a two-step application process.

Please use the online Studylink system, which is what you would have used when you originally applied or maybe your agent applied on your behalf.

The first step of that process is the expression of interest, which tells us that you’re looking at doing a research program with us.

And you don’t need to provide any documents because the university already has them all on file.

So we already have your transcripts, you don’t need to provide an English document because the qualification that you’re about to complete will meet the English requirement for both the university and also for your visa.

So it would only really be if you had maybe, like, an updated document like an updated passport - please supply that.

And then the other document that you do need to provide is an approximately two-page research proposal to outline the type of research that you’re looking at undertaking.

And then what will happen is the university will try, internally, to match you up with one of our supervisors that’s available.

It might be because you are familiar with the university already, like I mentioned, maybe you’ve already agreed with one of the professors to be your supervisor and if that’s the case, you just skip the first step of the application process and go to the second step.

And the second step, once you have a supervisor, is that the university will invite you to make a full application.

Once you have made a full application with your supervisor, you will receive an offer letter.

And once you have got your offer, you can apply for any RTP scholarships that you might be interested in and then once you’ve done that, you’ll finally get your CoE and be ready to apply for your new onshore student visa.

And then just lastly, there’s a couple of things.

Importantly, the International Student Scholarship has now been opened up to graduating students.

So previously this was only for new-to-university students.

So if you’re graduating from your last program that’s not in a package then you’re now eligible to have the 25% International Student Scholarship on your new course, whether that’s research or a new Masters.

It applies for the whole course - for each semester you will receive a 25% fee reduction and there’s no GPA requirement from the course you are about to graduate, so all students will receive that 25% scholarship.

And then lastly, if you guys would like some more information – this has been quite brief, but we’re going to be conducting a more in-depth Graduate Pathways webinar after you’ve finished your exams, so please – you will receive communication about that so keep an eye out for that.

Or alternatively, you can contact me directly. My email address is there, which is

So thanks a lot for making the time and yeah, hopefully we can help to arrange a new course for you.

JENNA: Thank you for that, Alex.

It looks like there are some great options for our students.

What happens after grades are released?

So to work out if you’re eligible to graduate, students will be assessed for graduation once they have completed the requirements of their course.

Certification of grades for this term is Friday the 5th of November and the results will be published in MyCQU Student Portal.

After grades are released is what we call the Graduation Evaluation Period.

So during this time from Monday the 8th of November to Friday the 19th of November, the university reviews your academic records to make sure you have completed all the requirements for your degree and completed the right units and everything for your course.

So after this period comes conferral.

So the conferral date is Monday 22nd of November and this is the date you are officially awarded with your degree.

So it might be a good idea to take a photo or a screenshot of this page.

You can see if you have graduated or if you’re eligible to graduate by having a look at your unofficial transcript.

So being in your last term, I’m sure that many of you may have already generated this document in previous terms, but now it should say your – the conferral date and the award title on the bottom of your transcript, along with all of the units you’ve studied and the results throughout your course.

And you can generate this transcript yourself through the Student Portal (MyCQU) from that Study view mode and Manage Course and this is sent to your student email address.

Study Confirmation Statement – so for final term students.

So this statement can be used by international students.

It does have the expected completion date and many students use this so they can work – they can show to an employer to work full-time after the exam period.

And this statement you can request through the CQUni Handbook using the eForm “Study Confirmation Statement” and just make sure you check the final term box.

Accessing Academic Documents.

So we have a great system – online system called My eQuals.

My eQuals is a free service where your academic documents are uploaded and you can share a special personal link or code and you can share that with third parties so they can check your qualifications.

So once your course is conferred, you will receive an invitation to your student email account for this service and then your academic documents are uploaded on My eQuals.

So My eQuals – it’s free, easy and secure.

[VIDEO PLAYS] This is a story of engineers, lawyers, artists, psychiatrists and doctors in the making.

Of university students, all of them working toward one thing – it’s their ticket to work, to further study, and to their dreams.

However, certifying this ticket to apply for a job or further study can be complicated.

They’ll need to call, book, queue, pay, print, post, receive, copy, certify, and then send.

To prevent fraud, the recipient will again need to contact the university for verification.

This story seems excessive, right?

Introducing: My eQuals – your online academic record.

It’s a safe and trusted platform endorsed by some of the world’s leading education institutions.

Using My eQuals, universities can issue certified documents online which students can access any time and share with anyone, anywhere in the world.

And recipients can feel safe in knowing that the documents have come from a verified source.

It all equals a quick, secure and trusted transaction for all.

My eQuals – now that’s a better story. [VIDEO ENDS]

JENNA: That just shows you the online system My eQuals, which is a really great service for accessing those documents.

You can also request and receive a hard copy version of these graduation documents, so the testamur, which is your official degree certificate, and your transcripts.

So these can be ordered online through – there’s a little QR code there you can scan which will take you to the graduation documents page and it has the order form.

So for these documents, you need to pay for them.

They’re printed on official paper and sent from our Rockhampton Campus and these documents, they can be sent overseas as well.

These documents – you won’t be able to – they will be issued after the conferral date, so again the 22nd of November.

Okay, so now I’m going to hand it over to our lovely University Life Team, Charli, to talk about the graduation ceremonies.

CHARLI: Thank you, Jenna.

Thank you everybody for taking time to join us today.

I know that there’s a few questions in the chat there which I’ll get to shortly, so do please keep them coming, I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.

Unfortunately, due to COVID we have had to cancel and postpone a number of our ceremonies.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that we can do about this.

So we do have coming up in December some regional ceremonies in Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Gladstone.

These ceremonies – the registrations for these, sorry, will close at midnight (AEST) on Sunday the 28th of November.

We have had our Brisbane ceremony for this year and we have had to unfortunately postpone, again, our Sydney and Melbourne ceremonies due to COVID and I can’t see these happening before the end of this year, so they’ll most likely roll over into 2022 ceremonies.

So as soon as we can confirm dates for these we’ll pop them up on our website as well, too.

The thing that makes it a bit hard is that our team are all located in Queensland, so whilst the restrictions may be easing in Sydney and Melbourne in the coming weeks, hopefully, unfortunately we can’t travel to those places without having to quarantine on the way back home, which makes it quite difficult for us to get to those places.

So hopefully very soon we’ll be able to deliver some ceremonies in New South Wales and Victoria.

So this is just some information on how to register for a graduation ceremony.

It’s quite simple, you just log into your MyCQU with your student ID and password and follow the instructions.

I’ve just popped in the link to the “How to Register” information that’s on our website, that way you can go back and look at this information when you are going in to register for your ceremony.

I’ve just had a couple of questions come up that I’ll just quickly answer as well, too.

Anna Hubbard has asked, “If we attend a graduation ceremony, do we receive the testamur and official transcript and therefore do not need to pay and order if we are going to a ceremony?”

So if you do pay to attend the graduation ceremony, you’ll receive your official testamur but not your transcript, so you will need to order your transcript separately to paying for your graduation registration.

Extra tickets.

With regard to the extra tickets: so at the moment, due to COVID everywhere is different based on the restrictions and the capacity of the venue where we’re holding it.

So what we do is once the registrations have closed, we work with the venue to work out what the maximum capacity is and if there are extra tickets available, we’ll then email all the students after registrations have closed and will let you know personally straight away if extra tickets are available.

Sometimes they may be restricted that you can only purchase one or two extra tickets.

Please know that we will do everything in our power to allow you to invite as many of your family and friends as possible to a graduation ceremony but we do work with Queensland Health and what their recommendations are and also New South Wales and Victoria, when we do get to those places as well, on the capacity requirements.

So with regard to Townsville, Mackay – we’ve got a question, sorry, from Mikayla, Townsville, Mackay, Cairns ceremonies – all of them will go ahead next year, of course, depending on if restrictions come into play in those places but hopefully they’ll be all fine.

2022 dates – we are currently working on and we’re hoping to have those up and available towards the end of this year, so do keep an eye on our graduation website.

Mervyn has asked, “Do we need to be fully vaccinated to attend the ceremony?”

Currently, this is out of our hands and it depends on the requirements of the venue that is hosting the ceremony.

We don’t know this information yet and once we do we will advise students as well, too.

We do, of course, recommend that if you can get the vaccination that you do.

You don’t have to attend a ceremony, Jarred, if you can’t afford to.

You do have the option, of course, to purchase your testamur and your transcript separately or you can also download an electronic version of that as well, too.

Taylah has asked, “How do distance students go about attending graduation ceremonies? If in Victoria, where would be best?”

So if you are located in a different state and you are able to cross the border, by all means you can come to another ceremony that has been scheduled.

You do just need to follow any border passes that you need to have and also if you need to do any quarantining as well, too.

I’ll just quickly cover this.

If you have requested to receive your testamur, you can still attend a graduation ceremony at a later date, you do just need to email us via the email address with your preferred location and date and we’ll be able to manually register you.

It’s just that when you do go through to register to have your testamur posted to you, the system will only kind of give you one option, so that way we can keep across all of - whether you want to attend at a later date or not, we do just ask that you send us an email.

Graduation ceremony fee is $160AUD.

This fee will include attendance to the ceremony, the hire of your academic regalia, which is your gown and your stole.

You get to keep your mortarboard, which is the hat, and then you also receive two complimentary guest tickets for friends or family.

You, as a graduate, do not require a ticket.

There were a couple of questions a little bit further up in the chat that I did see come through about the mortarboard or the hat and where you can purchase that from.

So our regalia supplier is Blashki, so you can purchase a cap from them.

I’m just going to quickly pop in the chat – there’s an email address for Finnola from Blashki (, so she is the lady who we deal with for our university.

If you don’t wish to purchase the full regalia, you do also have the option just to hop onto Google and purchase any kind of black mortarboard.

So Blashki will provide you, if you would like, with the whole gown and also the stole, as well.

Do keep in mind that if you do go through and purchase your regalia and choose to attend the ceremony at a later date that we won’t be able to separate the fee, so it will still be $160AUD even if you still already have your regalia.

I have a question about if we will be having a ceremony in Perth.

We are hoping to schedule another ceremony in Perth next year, so do just keep an eye on our website again for those dates for next year.

So somebody has asked about the ceremony in Sydney – so yes, 2022 we’re hoping, fingers crossed, if we can reach those milestones with regard to the vaccination rates, that we’ll be able to host a ceremony for you there next year.

If possible, we are looking at early next year so do, as I said, keep an eye on our website which Kirsten has just popped in there, and you’ll be able to know when we’re having a ceremony there.

And the same thing as well, too, say for Melbourne, as well. Do just keep an eye out on that graduation ceremony schedule.

JENNA: I did see a couple of questions, Charli, about children at the ceremonies.


JENNA: Do they need their own tickets or seats?

CHARLI: Yes, I can see that there.

So if a child is able to sit on a lap, they don’t require a ticket.

If they do need to sit on a chair on their own if they’re a bit too big to sit on a lap, then they will require a ticket.

JENNA: I know in previous terms we’ve had some virtual grad ceremonies.

CHARLI: Yes. Thanks, Jenna.

We have sent out an expression of interest to gauge if we do have enough interest to host a virtual graduation.

For the virtual ceremonies, we don’t charge anything for these, so we do need to make sure that they are viable to host.

So if we are looking at holding one, we obviously want more than, you know, a certain number of students to be able to attend.

So it is something that we are currently considering doing.

And once again, if this is something that we do go ahead with, we’ll be emailing all potential graduates to let them know as well, and also that information, once again, will be posted on our website.

So we do recommend that you do, you know, continue to monitor that webpage if you are wanting to attend a virtual graduation or if you are also looking at wanting to attend a Sydney or Melbourne graduation as well, too.

That way, you know, if anything changes or if anything is added or removed, you know, it’s the source of truth right there.

If at any time, though, any students do have any questions with regard to the graduation ceremonies or when they’ll be held, they are more than welcome to email us via that page and one of our team will be able to get back to you as soon as possible.

Nicola Sharpe would like to ask a question. Absolutely, Nicola.

NICOLA: Hi, thank you so much.


NICOLA: I actually live in Los Angeles, so there is, like, a little bit of a – my first question is, is there a time limit – if you delay attending a ceremony – I don’t really – I wanted to do a virtual one so I appreciate your feedback on whether or not you’re going to do that, but my parents in Australia would like to attend my graduation but I don’t think – I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get there in time, so I just wanted to understand about time limits for delaying that.

CHARLI: Yeah, thanks.

That’s a really good question and we don’t actually have a time limit on when you have to attend the ceremony.

So if you were to graduate at the end of this year and you were unable to come back into the country for, you know, let’s just say four years, that’s perfectly fine.

You can still attend a ceremony in four years’ time and your parents will be able to come.

But just so you know, if you do happen to also – if we do go ahead with the virtual graduation, there will be a link, as well, too, that will be sent to you to share with your family and friends and you’ll still also have the opportunity to attend an in-person graduation at a later date as well.

So by attending a virtual graduation, if we do have one, it’s not going to stop you at all from attending an in-person ceremony.

NICOLA: That’s awesome.

That’s all I wanted to hear.


No, that’s no problems at all.

Was there anything else at all?

Oh, I’ve got a question here from Mervyn: “Can a 2020 Term 3 graduate still attend the ceremony?”

Yes, absolutely.

So that – how I just answered Nicola’s question is exactly the same.

So if you graduated back in 2015 you will still be eligible to attend the ceremony if you haven’t had the opportunity to attend the ceremony yet.

Ashton has asked, “Will there be a livestream of the face-to-face ceremony?”

Yes. We are currently live streaming all of our face-to-face ceremonies, given the current situation where some family members or friends can’t attend to travel and also because of the capacity requirements at some of our venues, as well.

So once you have registered and the registrations close, all students will receive a ceremony information sheet normally the day or two after the ceremony registrations close and in that email it will have a link for you to the live stream feed, that way you can share that with your family and friends.

“How long does the ceremony go for?”

That’s a good question.

How long is a length of string?

It kind of really depends on the speeches at the ceremony.

We do try to keep them under the two hours and that’s, you know, for students up to 150-200 graduates.

I don’t think, from memory, that we’ve had a ceremony go over two and a half hours, and that’s even when we’ve had 300+ graduates.

“How much are extra tickets?”

Extra ticket cost depends on the venue and also the location, as well.

So this information is also supplied in that ceremony information sheet.

Maclay has asked, “What time will the Rockhampton ceremony be?”

This one depends on how many graduates register for the Rockhampton ceremony.

In the past we have had two ceremonies at Rockhampton just due to the number of students.

Currently we’re looking that there may only just be the one ceremony.

So once those registrations close on the 28th of November we’ll be able to decide from there whether there’ll be the one or the two.

And Kuna has asked, “When will we know if the virtual ceremony will take place or not?”

That’s something that we are in the process of confirming, again, so I do just recommend that you monitor our graduation website page and that information will be updated there as soon as possible.

Kim, “Brisbane’s next ceremony is August. Is there likely to be anything sooner or will that be it?”

Currently we are only having one ceremony per year at a particular location, so that’s just depending on COVID.

So yes, at the moment we do have a ceremony for Brisbane next year in August planned.

And I think that’s all.

Thank you, everybody, for your questions.

If you do have anything further after this, though, please do note down that Student Events email address and like I said, we’ll be able to answer any questions there.

JENNA: Great.

Thank you, Charli.

Anne from our Indigenous Student Engagement Team, if you’re able just to talk a little bit about our cultural sash?

ANNE: Sure.

Thanks, Jenna.

JENNA: Thank you.

ANNE: The indigenous cultural sash is a gift that we provide to our graduating students.

So the university and the Indigenous Student Engagement Team, for which I am a part of, like to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our indigenous graduates with the presentation of a cultural sash.

So what you can see on the screen now is the latest version of the sash.

A nice multi-coloured one.

If you are an indigenous graduate and you have registered to attend the – a ceremony, so once we do a report after the closing of registrations, you will receive an invitation to accept a cultural sash at your graduation ceremony.

So then you would need to respond to us and we will make sure that you are able to get that.

In previous years, the sash was actually presented to our graduates as they came to the Chancellor and received their testamur – they also received their sash then.

Due to COVID now, the sashes are usually given to the students when they collect their graduation regalia and that way they can wear it as they cross the stage.

That’s probably about it.

We also like for our graduates to provide us with a short bio about themselves so that we can keep it on hand and provide it to the Office of Indigenous Engagement as well.

So, like, for promotion or, you know, little good news stories about students as well.

So that’s probably about all that I can say about our cultural sash but it’s generally given to those students that are registered to attend a graduation ceremony.

JENNA: Thank you, Anne, and yeah, I especially love the bright colours in this sash.

STUDENT: Hi, can I ask a quick question for Anne?

So if we don’t have a graduation ceremony, for example for us here dialling in from Victoria and Melbourne campus, can we still request for a cultural sash?

ANNE: At this stage, you can request but you will not receive this particular sash.

Unfortunately we do have our other sashes that we provide to students that don’t attend a graduation ceremony.

STUDENT: So even when it’s because of COVID?

ANNE: At this stage, yes, that’s my understanding – that’s what I’ve been told. Yes, unfortunately.

STUDENT: Okay, thank you.

ANNE: So you can send an email that explains the situation, maybe, and then it will be a discussion with our coordinator and maybe the Office of Indigenous Engagement to see what can be done but at this stage, students who would like a cultural sash will receive the older ones that we have that we still have in surplus supply, unfortunately.

STUDENT: Thank you.

ANNE: So if you wanted to send an email, just send it to

JENNA: Chloe, you would like to ask a question as well?


I have – students who are non-indigenous, are they allowed to get the indigenous cultural sash?

ANNE: Unfortunately, no.

CHLOE: All right.

ANNE: It’s just for our indigenous graduates.

CHLOE: All right. Thank you.

ANNE: Thank you.

JENNA:  Okay. We’ve still got a few more slides but we’ll come back to the questions at the end as well.

So your Statement of Completion.

So this one is for international students.

This statement may be required for further visa applications or any jobs you’re applying for.

You can submit a request for this via the CQUni Handbook, again, and looking for that eForm “Statement of Completion”.

This statement will be sent out or will be issued after the conferral date, so the 22nd of November again.

And students with visas – student visas that are expiring before conferral, you can submit a special request via Student Operations Team.

So you just need to send an email to that Student Operations email address on the screen ( with your visa details, saying that you need your Statement of Completion early.

Hopefully this won’t be the case for any of our students here but it does happen sometimes and if you’re in the situation where you happen to fail a unit in your final term, these are the things you will need to do.

So you need to check the CQUni Handbook for the unit’s availability.

There may be some – the unit may be available over term 3 – the upcoming term in November.

You might need to consult with the Course Advice Team as well.

You would need to enrol in that failed unit, take the necessary steps to ensure that you pass the unit the next time.

Things like consulting our academic support teams - our Academic Learning Centre (ALC).

International students may need to apply for a CoE extension and a new student visa as well.

Careers Support and Alumni Program.

So our graduates, they have access one year post-completion of your studies, to our Careers Team.

You have full access to CareerHub, the careers toolkit, you can still book appointments with our Careers consultants.

Things like resume and cover letter advice and interview tips you can still access.

And you’ll have access or an opportunity to join our Alumni Program.

So being part of that professional network with our student graduates is a great opportunity.

And we – CQUniversity, our undergraduates, you can see here 88.1% of our undergrads are achieving full-time employment within three years of completing their studies and 95.9% for post-grad students.

So this is a great outcome for our students.

And once you are conferred, you will receive information – more information about these services to your student email.

And I think there was a question about the student emails – you have lifelong access to your CQUni Mail email address, as well.

Okay, so for international students staying in Australia, this is some important information that you need to be aware of.

You need to check your immigration status.

So if you’re on a student visa, it is your responsibility to make sure that you know when that visa expires and to make sure that you remain compliant.

You  may be eligible to apply for a further stay visa, so this includes the temporary graduate visa and if you are applying for a new visa and you intend to stay in Australia, make sure you apply before your current visa does expire and start gathering the required documents now.

Don’t underestimate how long it will take to get those documents prepared.

For more information, as always, you can contact the Department of Home Affairs.

This is an important thing to know for our international students.

If you are applying for a temporary graduate visa or anothervisa, you will need to update your health insurance cover.

So moving on from OSHC to Overseas Visitor Health Cover.

Allianz Care, our university’s preferred student health cover provider, does also provide visitor health cover, as do many other health insurance companies.

It’s always, though, to do research and compare the benefits, the membership costs, and the eligibility, as well.

For many students studying online, your student record will not be affected by this.

So your official transcripts and completion letter, it will show that you have been enrolled on your enrolled campus.

Okay, so I’m not sure if we have any international students who are planning to return home, so I’ll just quickly go through this next slide.

Things to consider when you’re preparing for your departure:

Give your landlord sufficient notice.

Of course, advise your employer.

Cancel any service agreements that you may have (phone, internet).

You may need to close your bank accounts here.

Sell textbooks and any personal items – you would have a baggage limit.

Say goodbye to your friends and stay connected to the university through our Alumni Program.

If you do need further assistance or you have further questions, these are the key contacts that you can refer your questions to.

For transcript and testamur enquiries, our Student Operations Team (

Graduation ceremonies, so University Life Team ( – so Charli was from the University Life Team.

Student Engagement Team ( for any other assistance or questions may have. We can also point you to the right direction.

Our Indigenous Student Engagement Team (

And, of course, the Frontline Support Team (13 27 86 or +61 7 49309000). So we have the number here and they can direct you to who you need to speak with.

So this is another good one to take a photo of.

Some useful links.

I’ve just got some QR codes here you can easily scan, so again you might like to take a photo of this screen – I hope it’s not too blurry.

These links will lead you to pages on our website.

That’s the end of the slides

So I’ll just go back to some of the questions.

CAROLINA: Hi, Jenna, sorry, one of the questions was more about access to like, MyCQU and that sort of stuff after students have finished.

JENNA: You will still have access to the student email. In terms of Moodle, I think you – I’m not sure exactly how long but after some time you will lose access to those Moodle pages but you will still be able to log into your MyCQU portal.

This presentation will be recorded and sent out to students in their final term with the upload link.

So Chelsea has asked, “How long after conferral do the documents get uploaded to My eQuals?”

So after conferral I think within a few days you should receive the link to access your documents.

Okay, this is a good question for interim awards: So for students who have completed – if you’ve done, like, a graduate certificate and then a graduate diploma and then a Masters, for example, at your – if you do attend a graduation ceremony, you will receive all of the testamurs.

You will also receive all of those transcripts as well.

So if you apply for a completion letter, you will receive the three completion statements.

And I’ve got another one, “Students studying online from overseas, are they able to attend the graduation ceremony when they return to Australia?”


Once we have confirmed further ceremonies next year, you will be able to attend those.

And like Charli said before, there is no time limit on that, so you have time.

CAROLINA: Someone has asked about the Statement of Completion letter. You can’t get it after your last exam, you do need to wait for conferral.

JENNA: Yes, that’s correct.

So we need final results and then after conferral and if it’s because your student visa is expiring and you need to apply for another visa to remain compliant, you can put a special request to the Student Operations Team, you just need to provide your visa details and say that you need that statement as soon as possible.

SARBESH: And just to answer Shubh’s question, “Can we get the Statement of Completion letter after our last examination?’

No, unfortunately for you to obtain your Statement of Completion letter you’ll have to wait until the conferral date, which is 22nd of November.

JENNA: I do have a question about the regalia, so the graduation gowns.

“If you’ve already attended another graduation at a different university and you do have the gowns – I think Charli said as long as they’re black you should be able to wear them, but I would just check with the University Life Team - the Events Team - on the requirements for the regalia.

And you can register for the grad ceremony at any campus or any location, so if you’re a Melbourne student, you know, as long as the border restrictions and all that, if you’re able to travel to a different location you can attend the ceremony there.

And I know in the past a lot of our students from – especially from the metro campuses have liked to travel to the Rockhampton campus and see our big, main campus.

The ceremony dates for next year, so Jamie’s just asked.

I know they are working on those dates and confirming all the details, so I think early next year we should hear more details about those ceremony dates.

SARBESH: I was just about to answer Shubh’s question. Shubh – in regard to working full-time, please do contact the Department of Home Affairs as they are the only ones who can answer that question.

JENNA: And I did have another question about after the grades are released and conferral.

It’s when the university needs to check all your academic records to make sure you have completed all the requirements for that course – for your degree.

So there is a time between the grades and conferral and so that’s why none of those documents can be issued until after conferral – the official date you are awarded your documents.

SPEAKER: Jenna, you mentioned earlier that on the unofficial transcript it would show up the conferral date and award title if you’re enrolled in your final semester and I just had a quick double-check.

there was a couple of others in the chat that mentioned that it wasn’t showing up on theirs so I just quickly checked mine – I did a previous degree with CQU, those conferral date and award titles – that shows up but the current degree doesn’t.

Is that supposed to be showing there?

JENNA: Yeah. So that will appear there once the final grades and conferral has happened.

So after November 22nd if you check back and generate that document again, it should have the award title.

SPEAKER: No worries. Thank you.

JENNA: The cost of the certificates. Off the top of my head I think it’s $75 – maybe Sarbesh can check.

SARBESH: Definitely, Jenna.

So the transcript itself is for $30AUD and for it to be sent to your mailing address within Australia – oh, it’s already there in the chat, it’s $45AUD, so overall, yes, $75. That’s correct.

And it can also be posted internationally as well, using the express post which would cost $60 extra.

JENNA: And I think this was mentioned before, if you do want the hard copy version of your documents, your testamur, you can order that and receive that and then attend a ceremony later.

You will just need to make sure that you bring the testamur to the grad ceremony so that it can be presented to you, otherwise we’ll just have to present you with a general congratulations certificate.

SPEAKER: Just had a question here, so when the ordering of the testamur and stuff like that, say you don’t order one and don’t go to the ceremony, do you still get the hard copy or do you have to order one to be awarded one? So to speak.

JENNA: Yep. Great question.

So yes, you do need to order – put in the request and order them for the hard copy version, even if you don’t attend the ceremony.

The My eQuals – that will automatically be sent to that student email, so you will have access to the digital versions but for the hard copy you will have to place that order.

SARBESH: And the link for My eQuals is provided in the chat as well.


SARBESH: Thanks, Jenna.

JENNA: Okay, so Vacation Statements, so for our international students.

We have changed our – the Vacation Statement, so for final term students, you need to apply for the Study Confirmation Statement (Final Term) instead of the Vacation Statement and it will have all those dates that you need on that.

And another one about the graduation – students do need to register for the graduation ceremony.

If you register and pay for the ceremony now and then next year there’s another ceremony that’s more convenient for you, you can put in that request to the University Life Team and then they can manually register your change to that registration.

I’ve got a question from Taylah, “So are there any reasons other than failing a unit in the final term that wouldn’t allow you to graduate?”

The only reason I could think of is if you haven’t met the requirements for your course.

So for example, if you have mistakenly enrolled in the wrong units and credit cannot be given for that – for your course.

So that’s why we do need that time after the release of grades for the university to check all the requirements.

Okay, so Sarbesh, are there any more that we can see coming through?

SARBESH: Thanks, Jenna.

Just browsing through the questions.

I’ve got a new question here from Aldrex regarding the difference between conferral date and graduation date.

So Aldrex, conferral date is basically a time period in between your grades day and your conferral date itself where the university looks at your grades and defines if you are eligible for graduation, whereas the graduation day is an event where you go out there and receive your testamur.

That’s the difference between the two of these dates.

Just going through other questions.

JENNA: And so, “Do you do need to wait for conferral to register for your graduation?”

Okay, so another question about My eQuals. So Reza, once you have been conferred, you will be sent an invitation to create a profile in My eQuals.

So this will be sent after conferral to your student email address and it will have instructions on what you need to do.

“How many students might be attending a grad ceremony in Gladstone?”

So after the registration closes for a particular location, the University Life Team work out the seats and how many tickets are required, that’s why you may be able to apply to buy additional tickets once the registration closes, but until that registration we won’t know how many students will be attending.

Okay, so it’s been really great to have so many questions come through and so many students join us.

So if you have any last questions, feel free to pop in now and we do apologise if we’ve missed any, it does take a while to look through all the questions.

And again, this will be uploaded – this video will be uploaded and you will be sent a link for it.

So if it’s about the transcripts, Student Operations Team.

Anything to do with the graduation ceremonies and the academic regalia, you can contact the University Life Team. So

Otherwise, just the Student Engagement Team, so that’s the team that’s been hosting this session.

If we cannot answer your question, we can definitely refer you to who may be able to assist further and that’s our email address there.

SPEAKER: Thank you.

JENNA: A few final questions coming through.

So the size of the testamur.

Sarbesh, can you maybe shed some light on the size?

CAROLINA: Is it A4? I think it’s A4, isn’t it?

BETTY: That’s correct.

So it’s A4 size.

JENNA: A4 size.

So start preparing those frames now.

SARBESH: And I was just looking at your question – Reza’s question where it says, “CQU is not listed on the education providers in My eQuals”.

Jenna, do you have any – on that particular question?

REZA: Yes, if you search Central Queensland University in My eQuals you wouldn’t be able to find the university, that’s a smart question.

So in order to have access to my transcript and everything else, we need to first sign up and make the profile, but how we can do that?

I know the link to the My eQuals but CQUniversity is not listed there.

JENNA: I’m not too sure about that. It should be.

I believe I have seen it listed.

REZA: I can share my screen if you would like to – I can show you.

SARBESH: Or Reza, perhaps what I’m going to do is, I’m going to put in your details and let me get back to you on this matter in a couple of hours, is that all right?

REZA: Thank you so much.

SARBESH: Okay, thank you.

CAROLINA: Jenna, that final question – I’m not sure if we need a transcript of the chat but are we able, perhaps, to add the links in the email that we send out?

JENNA: I think we should be able to, yeah, provide some of the links and the slide as well.

Was it Reza who asked a question about My eQuals?

So it’s – Britta, thank you for that, and so it is listed under Central Queensland University, so the full university name. Thank you for that.

REZA: Yes, I can see that but if you want to make a profile and sign in with your educational provider then you have to type the university name and then nothing happens, nothing shows up.

JENNA: Okay, I think I’ll get back to you and we’ll check that – I think Sarbesh will be able to check that for you.

REZA: All right. Okay. Thank you.

JENNA: Thank you.

SARBESH: Jenna, it looks like we’ve answered all the questions.

JENNA: Okay, great.

Yeah, so like we said, if we have missed any questions or if you – you know, you go away and think of something else you would like to ask, definitely reach out to, like I said, the Student Engagement Team or the other teams we’ve spoken about and we’ll be happy to help you.

All the best with your final assessments and your final term.

You only really have – well, it’s week 12 now so it’s almost finished, and I’m sure you’re all very much looking forward to completing your course and attending your graduation ceremony when you can.

SPEAKER: Thank you so much.

JENNA: Okay. Thank you everyone.

ALL: Thank you, Jenna.

JENNA: Take care.

CAROLINA: Thanks, Jenna, well done.

SPEAKER: Thank you so much, bye.