Gain confidence for Uni with STEPS

Whether you didn't meet entry requirements, are coming back to study after a long time away or simply want to boost your skills an confidence before starting a degree, STEPS can help. Our students explain how STEPS has helped them prepare for university.


So I wanted to get into Paramedicine, so I thought the best way for me to prepare myself to get back into uni was through the STEPS program because I was quite a few years since I finished high school.

STEPS made me feel prepared to start my bachelor degree because it gave me all the time management skills, taught me how to do my essay writing and refreshed all the subjects like anatomy and physiology and chemistry, which I needed to do in my first year of para-medicine.

So CQUni has really provided me the platform so that I can balance my work life, study lifestyle and just allowed me to work at my own pace and provided me with the skills that I needed to really pursue my bachelor degree.

The best thing about STEPS was the support. They’re always there day or night. They always are welcoming.

It's been a while since I've been at school, so I'm not really prepared and STEPS prepared me a lot and I don't think I would have completed my first term of uni without the STEPS guidance.

So with steps the teaching staff were really supportive so I could email them, didn't matter when, and they would reply to me. They would help me with drafts if I had an essay to submit. It was just really lovely.

I learned that I was pretty smart at maths, which I was never good at in high school, but I could understand the maths that I was learning through steps.

I just think the way lecturer taught it was a lot more helpful as well as they gave you personalized feedback so it wasn't just like, oh you should be doing it like this they gave you actual like oh like this works, but maybe try it this way.